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Application Development

Name: Application Development
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Three Ways That Hybrid Cloud is Changing the Rules for Application Testing and Development

Blog  Todays business environment is forcing IT organizations to re-examine their approaches to application testing and development. Enterprises must streamline and shorten the development cycle to get applications out much faster than ever before, and IT must be able to deliver applications that are s...

Last updated: Dec 20, 2013   6:51 PM GMT  |  Blog: Hybrid Cloud Trender   |      Hybrid Cloud, Test and Development
cross-platform mobile development

Blog  Cross-platform mobile development is the creation of software applications that are compatible with multiple mobile operating systems. Continued Quote of the Day "Endpoint diversity and the differences in developer skill sets have made it critical that today's mobile apps have strong performance...

Last updated: May 30, 2018   6:16 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from
Mobile application development tools on Google: Android Smartphone App Inventor

Blog  While Apples famous (now possibly infamous) iPhone 4 continues battling with physical malfunctions, bad press and more recently lawsuits, Google has opened developer doorways into its Android Smartphone. A new public offering called App Inventor allows just about anyone to become an application ...

Last updated: Jul 12, 2010   8:48 PM GMT  |  Blog: Software Quality Insights
.NET developer-friendly VS 2010 tools may ease Azure development

Blog  New cloud development tools in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (VS 2010) promise .NET developers a fast track to building, debugging and deploying cloud-centric Web applications and services. But how easy will it be for developers who have been using Visual Studio 2008 to build standard applications to...

Last updated: Apr 28, 2010   1:52 PM GMT  |  Blog: .NET Developments
Microsoft, Alibaba team up on open application model

Blog  Microsoft and Alibaba have developed a way to improve collaboration between application developers, operators and infrastructure teams in a new project that could speed up deployment of applications in Kubernetes. In what the two tech giants termed as the Open Application Model (OAM), developers wi...

Last updated: Nov 7, 2019   7:43 AM GMT  |  Blog: Eyes on APAC
Five software application development trends for 2012

Blog  March is a little late for 'year-ahead' prediction stories; the looking back - looking ahead story tactic is usually reserved for the Christmas silly season when we're all a little more amenable to lighthearted (or serious) postulating. So do technology prognostications ever warrant any credence? A...

Last updated: Mar 14, 2012   4:04 AM GMT  |  Blog: CW Developer Network   |      Uncategorized
native cloud application (NCA)

Blog  A native cloud application (NCA) is a program that is designed specifically for a cloud computing architecture and to take advantage of loosely-coupled cloud services. Continued Quote of the Day "Rather than building around in-house servers, databases, connections and the like, cloud-native appl...

Last updated: Jun 27, 2018   3:32 AM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from
VIsual Web Developer 2010 express, Licencing

Answer  Hi All We are planning to develop an web application using and code behind as For this we are using .net Framework 4.0 and Visual Web developer 2010 edition and database as mysql, server as IIS. I would like to know if there is any licensing issue in developing the above applica...

Last updated: Nov 23, 2010   5:36 AM GMT   |    .NET, ASP.NET, C#
The rise of the video application developer

Blog  There are software application developers, then there are web application developers, specialist mobile developers and a multiplicity of other sub-genres pertaining to the application developer designation. Video development is, perhaps, a space yet to be defined and classified in quite the same wa...

Last updated: Oct 1, 2013   5:44 PM GMT  |  Blog: Open Source Insider   |      Uncategorized
Red Hat drives JEAP to beta for off-road testing

Blog  Red Hat is targeting shorter windows for mission-critical software application development with the release to beta of its JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 (JEAP) and JBoss Developer Studio 5 products. The Linux distributor is already running an early adopter programme and hopes that custome...

Last updated: Mar 18, 2012   6:03 PM GMT  |  Blog: Open Source Insider   |      Uncategorized
JavaOne 2013: Azul System's debuts OpenJDK-based Zulu for Windows Azure

Blog  Azul Systems and Microsoft Open Technologies announced Wednesday at JavaOne its Java Development Kit (OpenJDK)-based Zulu for Windows Azure. The community-driven open source Java implementation promises to offer developers more options and streamline application development, according to George Goul...

Last updated: Sep 25, 2013   8:45 PM GMT  |  Blog: Microservices Matters
The developer's dilemma is native or HTML5?

Blog  This is a guest post to the Computer Weekly Developer Network by Gary Calcott, technical marketing manager at Progress Software. Different types of application provide different experiences for the user, through different UIs and content delivery. However, with the increased emergence of mobile ...

Last updated: Apr 5, 2013   4:57 AM GMT  |  Blog: CW Developer Network   |      Uncategorized
Agile development methods and application value

Blog  An article entitled "BT adopts agile programming" came to my attention today, and had me thinking about how the development method used for a project can have a significant effect on application value. BT as perhaps you know is the British telecommunications group, and they have seen significant p...

Last updated: Mar 13, 2008   6:25 AM GMT  |  Blog: Custom Application Development
Time for Application Re-Design?

Blog  As an independent custom application software developer I have determined that any really active application (...defined as an application basically designed and developed on an on-going basis, changed and updated frequently as business needs develop) periodically requires that the developer step ba...

Last updated: Oct 31, 2008   8:40 PM GMT  |  Blog: Custom Application Development
HP's SDN App Store went to market

Blog  HP this month announced its HP SDN App Store, launching what the firm claims to be 'a new wave' of open software-defined networking (SDN). So what is an SDN App Store? Borrowing its moniker from the 'app stores' of the consumer download world, HP is (arguably) being a bit retail-friendly by cal...

Last updated: Sep 26, 2014   9:00 AM GMT  |  Blog: CW Developer Network   |      Uncategorized
Ubuntu App Developer Week to run in cyberspace

Blog  Canonical is inviting developers to join its at its annual Ubuntu App Developer Week, which is being presented virtually via Internet Relay Chat (IRC) from the 11th - 15th April. Canonical says that there will be a series of sessions that will "enable and inspire" developers by showing off the wide...

Last updated: Apr 6, 2011   2:47 PM GMT  |  Blog: Open Source Insider   |      Uncategorized
How app development companies can adopt IoT to improve mobility

Blog  As much as mobility continues to exist and grow, the mobile app industry will not stop evolving. Currently, there is a new type of technology that is taking the entire industry by storm. It is called the internet of things. This has to do with the idea of getting physical gadgets to interface with e...

Last updated: Oct 15, 2018   4:51 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Internet of Things, iot, IoT applications
Safeguarding Assets is an IT Project Management Issue Part II

Blog  As a foundational definition; a system is an assembly of procedures, processes, methods, and/or techniques united by regulated interaction conventions to form an organized whole in support of the entitys objectives. A key term to this definition is regulated. Specifically, for anything to b...

Last updated: Nov 25, 2009   7:59 PM GMT  |  Blog: IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance
native cloud application (NCA)

Blog  A native cloud application (NCA) is a program that is designed specifically for a cloud computing architecture. Continued Quote of the Day "Cloud-native applications leverage the cloud-native features and APIs, which should provide a more efficient use of underlying resources." - David Linthicum...

Last updated: Jun 16, 2017   2:25 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day: Tech Definitions from   |      Native application
Application development morphs into application delivery

Blog  Closing the gap between the needs of the business user and the capabilities of the developer is a driving demand these days. It is also a major theme of Forrester Research's upcoming Application Development & Delivery Forum 2011 (Sept. 22-23 in Boston, MA).Most of us already know the Web has dra...

Last updated: Sep 12, 2011   8:51 PM GMT  |  Blog: Microservices Matters
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