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May 13, 2009  7:11 PM

HP Train

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Well next week I get to go to Houston and have a week long training event at the HP Train Event. I will be going on the Storage Track and this will cover MSA and EVA type of solutions. I already ahve some customers using the MSA devices but I am sure there is tips and tricks to do on some of these devices that me learning on the fly has not covered yet. So this should be a nice fun relaxing time of learning. I know kind of sick isn’t it me thinking something like this would be relaxing.

Til Later just Roger

May 12, 2009  9:53 PM

10 years Ago Today on a Planet Not Far Away

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I started working full time for the company I currently work for. I had Interned the year before that but full time started today. This is really only the second job I have ever had, well if you don’t count raising my youngest son on my own and helping my wife Deb with her children and all the associated madness that comes with all of this as not a job I can say second Full time job how about that. This is more of a adventure than a job and I also don’t think of what I do now a job but a adventure as everyday is something different and something new to learn and do either at work or home who knows what lurks around the next corner.

I got a email from my boss Arlin this morning ( you know the one that enjoys putting me into those positions that Introverts do not like to be in, in front of people talking or something like that) that it had been another year. Well it was actually 10 years ( not that I am counting) today that I have been getting these emails every year at this time and you know they make me smile every time I get one because it makes me think back to what I went through to get to this position and all the hard work to get here.I just didn’t show up and do my 8 hours I took it upon myself to go those extra steps when at home setting up a test network and learning all I could learn when not working so I could get better.

 I worked 22 years for my parents company well actually it was more before this but that don’t count guess I had to pay my way at home also but then 2 years of school and now 10 years of this. WOW you add that all up and my how time has flown by when your having fun. That is the main thing now days have fun enjoy what you do and help the people you are supporting and make a maybe not so good day for them be better from what you do for them. When you do all of that sometimes they even bring food for you. Double Bonus Points…..

Til later just Roger

May 9, 2009  3:26 PM

Using Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2 for Remote Management

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I had a customer who keeps continually adding locations to the business and management of the workstations and laptops is becoming a pain for the IT guy. Especially when you are talking about 180 users. We have looked into the System center Stuff and that seems to be more than they want or need. He just needed a simple way to connect to the desktop and look at a problem the user is having either in the domain or outside the domain. I told him I would check into this and see what else I can do here for a solution.

When I was in the office last week and talking to my favorite Network Admin Randy I mentioned this problem to him. He suggested I checkout the new Microsoft Office Communicator R2 as it has a function in it for sharing the desktop. He had just rolled this out in our office and upgraded from the previous version. I have worked with this program very little installed it at a school and the location that was needing help was in the MS Phone system beta and had used the previous version their also but we had backed up the servers and removed them and used that hardware.

Well I had to restore the Communicator server and of course I had used my Favorite Backup and Restore tool Shadow Protect to do this. 15 minutes and I had the server restored and deactivated the previous version and then removed this from the server and AD. This is one of my hyperV environments so I installed 2008 64 bit in a VS Session and then installed the Communicator 2007 R2 on the server. It did find the users setup on the old version so I went through the steps to bring them into the new one. I got 2 users working and tested the Communicator Client and after some fixing of the DNS records we had this part working. We will be doing a prof of concept test on Monday for the Remote Desktop Sharing to see if this will work for him for management. If this looks like a go then we will get the outside access setup and then test that. If that is all a go then we will roll it out to the rest of the 180 machines or whatever they are up to now. More on this later and of course this was the short version of all that happened but setup did not take that long and the key is to have your DNS Setup correctly.

Til later just Roger

May 9, 2009  1:45 PM

Windows Server 2008 R2 and Published Apps and Virtual Desktops P4

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

Takes note to self don’t be so self involved in projects and take time to write posts as you go here. That way not so much to spew in one sitting. Yea right as if that will happen. Mean while back at the ranch

Ok had everything configure like I thought it should be now and still not seeing my workstations in the RemoteApps Web Page or in the Programs list on my Windows 7 laptop. That is a cool feature of Windows 7 where you just point to a URL and it brings in your Published Apps and Desktop Pool. You configure this by going into Control Panel on your Windows 7 computer and then clicking on the RemoteApps and Desktop piece in there. So I logged into the Web Access and noticed that under configuration that it was still referring to Localhost so I changed this to my Connection Brokers Internal NetBios name and saved it and boom there was my Desktop Pool now showing in the Web Access. COOL!!!!!! Sorry moment of excitment there but I then went to my Windows 7 machine and went into the RemoteApps piece and hit update and bam there it was there also. Double dang COOL!!!!!!!!!! now I am cooking. Clicked on the piece and logged in and waited for the Virtual Desktop to spin up and start and waited and waited. Double Dang now what is happening so I went back to the document and read it again and found on the workstations I had to set a registry key for the remote connection to be made to it. Bingo did that and now they launch. WHEW!!!! finally I have it all functional. Another note to self read all doc don’t skim. There was more than that to this but I hate to type also so my words of wisdom is get the document and follow along that helps a lot.

Til later just Roger

May 9, 2009  1:27 PM

Windows Server 2008 R2 and Published Apps and Virtual Desktops P3

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

Well momentary pause for head banging here as what did I do now to break the stuff. Time to read and I went searching and finally found a document called Deploying RemoteApp and Desktop connection Step by Step guide from MS. This helped, you can not install the Remote Desktop Connection broker on the same server as the Remote Desktop Session and Remote Desktop Virtualization Service and Remote Desktop Web.

So I spun up a Virtual Server in our HyperV Environment and installed 2008 R2 RC on it and installed the Broker and Remote Desktop Session Service for Redirection  on this server. I uninstalled the Broker from my host machine for the Remote App and Web Access and TS Gateway and the Virtualization service. Followed the document for setting up the broker and away I went the pieces I broke came back online and worked correctly now. Duh…… Takes note to self maybe read next time but then again where is the fun in that.

When I installed the Virtualization service it also will add HyperV but I had already configured and installed HyperV so I was good there and on the server so I installed 2 Windows 7 workstations into the HyperV on the TS Gateway, RemoteApps and Virtualization Server. One was a 32 bit machine and one was a 64 bit machine. I installed Office 2007 and the Live Communicator 2007 R2 onto the machines. These will be going into the Desktop Pool as they call this and the workstations all have to have the same software on them as this basically runs in a Pool as they say you might not login to the same machine each time.

Til Later Just Roger

May 9, 2009  1:08 PM

I can not believe Arlin had done that to me.

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I was going through some old email looking for one I had from a few years ago and came across one that I had with a person from MS. I was thanking them for the opportunity of meeting with his group. Which made me think back to how that happened. I don’t like standing in front of people and talking and my boss Arlin knows this and uses every chance he gets or tries to anyways of making that happen. I like to think of myself as the person not seen just heard from works better that way for me or as I refer to myself as a mushroom keep in the dark and buried in well never mind.

We was out there for some part of the Longhorn/2008 Beta we was involved in and Arlin setup a meeting with the TS Group. He had me in mushroom mode up until the point he mentioned to come up front with him. Well I got to stand up there in front of the whole TS Devolpers Group with my boss as he presented to them and I got to answer any questions they had. I have never been the same since, marked for life I am thinking. 4 years ago this last week it happened. Until he did the same thing to me again at the SBS 2008 thing in Tx last year I am finally recovering or still in the process of healing from that. I have to watch him more closely I am thinking.

Til later just Roger

May 9, 2009  12:54 PM

Windows Server 2008 R2 and Published Apps and Virtual Desktops P2

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

OK got my server up and running and went through the normal drill and got the settings configured on the server for networking and name and domain joined and all of that fun stuff to numerous to mention but I am sure you all know the drill. But I thought ok what am I going to do for sure here you know maybe get a plan of attack or is this just dive in and go. Thought for a moment and just dove in and went and I first decided to add Remote Desktop Services(Terminal Services) they had me for a minute as I was looking for the Terminal Services option then remembered MS had renamed this to Remote Desktop Services.

So I select RDS and oh my more options now what. I had to select from Remote Desktop Session Host, Remote Desktop Virtualization Host, Remote Desktop Licensing, Remote Desktop Connection Broker, Remote Desktop Gateway, Remote Desktop Web Access. So I picked everything except for the Licensing. Bad move but more on that later this was a test so who carried at that point until I fully understood how things works and what I really wanted. The install went pretty quick of the services and the normal rebooting proceeded and when the server came to the desktop I went to configuring the TS Gateway and adding Apps for the Remote Apps everything I have normally done on a regular 2008 server for these functions. Talked to Randy and got a SSL Cert for the Gateway and published it up with ISA and testing proceeded and things worked as expected. So I thought now what is this Virtual stuff so started to read and found I could setup and publish a Virtual workstation. Cool so I followed the documentation on the server to do this and all of a sudden nothing workie anymore and I could only connect by the /admin switch to the server. What the heck did I do now.

Til later just Roger

May 9, 2009  12:35 PM

Windows Server 2008 R2 and Published Apps and Virtual Desktops P1

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I know I haven’t posted much lately as I have as my wife’s says been ignoring her even and diving into the Windows 2008 Server R2 RC and Windows 7 RC and getting lost into whatever world I go to when I get something new to learn. Hmmm wonder what she means by that.

But anyways as I mentioned earlier I had upgraded my Vista Laptop to Windows 7 RC and it has been rock solid and has been responding faster than the Vista did. Or it could be from the sleep deprivation of all I have done the last week and I am running slower.

I talked with our Internal Network Admin and said hey Randy you know that spare blade we have? Can I use that for the 2008 R2 RC Server as I have some ideas for it. We have a existing 2008 Server TS Gateway in use and I wanted to give the Windows 2008 Server R2 RC a spin. But he had no problems with it so away I went.

The install is pretty straight forward just like 2008 Server but they have made some visual changes by adding some pretties to the screens graphics wise but installed pretty much the same. I was installing Windows 2008 Server R2 RC on a HP BL 465c Dual QC 36 Gig of RAM  and this is running on our HP c3000 Enclosure. More to come

Til later just Roger

May 2, 2009  4:40 PM

Upgrading Vista SP1 to Windows 7 RC

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I seen that Windows 7 RC was available so I thought what the heck why not. I had tried the Beta2 version and seen no problems with it at that time. I had also been in on the Vista Beta when that came out from start to finish so it wasn’t like I was a gluten for punishment or anything. Vista was not that bad I had it on my laptop from the beta on and I got along fine with it.

But as a added precaution I did whip out my trusty Shadow Protect and backed up my laptop none the less. Plus I have a backup on my Virtual Home Server so I was double covered there. When I first tried running the Win 7 it did not like the HP Protected tools.  So I went in and tried to remove them and on one of them I was getting the “Error 2738 could not access VBscript run time for custom action” Ok been down this road before and wouldn’t you know it, it was the same exact error I got when I tried to take this HP nx9420 laptop from XP to Vista. At least that was consistent. What I did to correct this problem was re register the VBScript.dll and I did this by running the command prompt in Administrator mode and then typing regsvr32 vbscript.dll and that was that.

So ran the install again and this time it blew by this Stop and away we went. I was concerned that drivers might be a issue (flash back to Vista) but upon completion everything worked. It did take me about 2 hours from start to finish on this but the Upgrade from my perspective was smooth. I am going to take my other machine I have and install the 64bit version on this and will see how a clean install goes time wise.Plus I will be doing my test server with 2008 R2 Server and running HyperV on it so more on that also. I see there is no upgrade path from XP to Win7 I am still out on that if it is a good thing or not.  I am expecting it to be pretty quick so we will see. I have to run now my granddaughter is having her first dance recital so I better be there but more on the rest later.

Til later just Roger

April 30, 2009  5:48 PM


Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I have had some comments on the posts I have done and am glad to see what I have put out here is actually helping people with their issue at the moment. I know I had and have and will continue to do the same thing for problems I encounter using whatever tools available at that moment to me to fix a problem. This is another way for me to keep what I have done or others have done to fix a problem in a easy to go to site for me to find the fix and help others in the process.

I have a couple of posts I have to finish yet as they are in process so hopefully I will get them done and out there for you shortly. It is just finding that balance between everything I have going on work wise and personally.

Til Later just Roger

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