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December 25, 2009  12:57 AM

Trouble Running adprep /rodcprep on Windows 2008 R2 DC

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I have a customer who I was trying to run the adprep /rodcprep command on the main 2008 R2 Domain Controller and I keep getting

Adprep failed the operation on partition DC=DomainDnsZones,DC=xxxxxx,DC=local


Adprep failed the operation on partition DC=ForestDnsZones,DC=xxxxxxx,DC=local


I finally tracked down that there was a old failed Domain Controller still showing up as a Role holder causing the problem. I found a MS Article that said how to fix this and the KB 949257 is  and the link for this is

One thing to do on this article is remove the first line of the script they have you create ad that is the ——-fixfsmo.vbs——————

 Piece as it will cause the script to fail. I ran this for both the DomainDnsZones and the ForestDnsZones and then I could adprep /rodcprep the DC so I can bring in the RO DCs

Til Later just Roger

December 23, 2009  8:33 PM

SCVMM 2008 R2 and a Disjointed Domain name

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I was installing SCVMM 2008 R2 onto a HyperV 3 Node Cluster and I keep having problems with the adding of the host machines to the SCVMM. I was getting access denied and DCOM launch and all of that. It was not the case and what I finally tracked down was if you are installing this into a site that it’s internal name is single labeled I will call it i.e. domain versus domain.local or when you install SCVMM 2008 R2 you must specify a user account and not use the Local Account option. I created a domain user just for this and then added it to the administrators group on the local host machines all 3 of them.  Reinstalled and then away I went Hosts would add to the Manager and life was good.

Til Later just Roger

December 18, 2009  8:46 PM

Browsing Windows 2008 Domains or not

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

If you have introduced Windows 2008 Domain Controllers into your network and you are finding it hard to browse the network. On Windows 2008 Servers the Computer Browser Service is disabled. Change it to Automatic and then start the service and after a while you will find you can browse your network again.

Til Later just Roger

December 6, 2009  4:19 PM

Exchange 2007 Sp1 to SP2 Error

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

Had a customer who was running Exchange 2007 SP1 and I was trying to prepare them for the update to Exchange 2007 SP2. You have to prep your schema and your AD for this one as they are preparing you for Exchange 2010 and not having to update your schema or Ad then when you do that. Well the first thing I run into was you can’t do this on your Windows 2008 R2 DC so I had to move the Schema role to a 2008 SP2 DC we had and then do the updating.

When I ran setup /PrepSchema I keep getting a error that a previous update had been applied and the server needed to be rebooted. I finally found where there was a printer hanging that needed to be deleted and once I did this away the Prepping went. I found this fix on this article and basically it has you check 2 registry keys and what to do with them. 


Til Later just Roger

October 19, 2009  12:37 AM

Cloud Computing Part3

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I had to comment more on this as I was ready a article about a cell company that had theirservers go down and now all those users had lost data and their contacts. As you have probably figured by now I am not sold on the whole Cloud Computing Scenario. This is another example of what if this happens to you business being out in the cloud. Can you safely put your lifes hand out there and depend on someone else to make sure you don’t lose your data. It is one thing to lose you Cell contacts and whatever data was hosted on this but what would you do if this happened to your businesses data. I am sure that the cell users thought their data was protected also.


Til later just Roger

October 19, 2009  12:31 AM

Where has the time gone

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I just realized I had not posted in a while and thought to myself where has the time gone. Well it has been taken up with getting my house addition started. Well actually finding a guy to do the cement foundation and footings dug. What a adventure that was but the good news is we have one and can now proceed with building onto the house.

I have also been pretty busy with work doing the HyperV Storage clustering for some customers and planning on moving other HyperV Customers over to this. I have been busy with a school I take care of the one that we was rolling out the HP c7000 solution at and the fun times of school starting and everything that goes with it. Plus all the other things I have on my plate.

I caught up on what my boss had blogged about and can relate to his one about Are you Ready. My wife’s son Joey had went to Subway here in our home town and he did not see the car going from the west and got T Boned in the passenger side of his car. He was lucky he had a few cuts and bruises and had his door bell ringing for a few days but he was very lucky and you just never know what will happen when you walk out your door each day.

I will be catching up on what I have been up too IT wise and I do have a lot to talk about.

Til later just Roger

August 29, 2009  5:18 PM

SCVMM 2008 R2 and HyperV Clustering

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

In my last post you seen I was working on a project involving Windows 2008 R2 Server and HyperV Failover Clustering. I had some Physical Machines that I needed to do a P2V on and thought why not try the new SCVMM 2008 R2 that has just released. SO I got that downloaded and installed on one of my servers and when I added the 2 HyperV Servers it recognized right away that it was in a Cluster and set this up accordingly. I then clicked on the move the P2V wizard and away we went. It seen I was moving it into a Cluster and wanted to know if I want to make it high available and I selected sure. But the bottom line is if you are not using this now you should be really checking this out as it is a great tool to use to move your physical machines to the Virtual World. The rest of the time you can use your Failover Cluster Manager to manage your Virtual Servers.

Til Later just Roger

August 29, 2009  5:09 PM

Windows Server 2008 R2 HyperV Clustering

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I have a on going project bringing in 12 new servers and a c7000 HP Blade Enclosure and a MSA 2012i going on right now and one of the interesting things I have done is to setup 2 Windows 2008 R2 HyperV Servers connecting to a HP MSA 2012i iSCSI Storage device and using the new HyperV Clustering in the Failover Clustering piece of 2008 R2. This is my first attempt at Failover Clustering of any kind and it has been pretty simple actually. It was some trial and error with getting the connection presented to the servers off the MSA but it was a matter of the Lun numbers. I was trying to present the LUN to each server with the same ID. I found that is I add a different ID for each one on the different connections it works then. There is a good article out on how to set this up and here it is.

 Til Later just Roger

August 16, 2009  8:02 PM

SBS 2008 Error

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I was updating my SBS 2008 Server with Exchange 2007 Sp1 Update 8 and had to stop in the middle of the update because the power was going out in my house. Well I ended up with the Red X when I would open up OWA. OK now what I thought and that was to just reapply the Update 8. OK easier said that done because every-time I tried to run that update I would get a error that I did not have access to update a certain file and the install would stop. I right click on the file and there was no option to run as Administrator. OK I thought a minute and opened up the Command Prompt in the run As Administrator Mode and then change to the directory the file was in and ran it from there. This worked on the installing of the file simple enough just one of those things that didn’t need to be over thought which we all do at times.

Till later just Roger

August 15, 2009  3:43 PM

Windows 2008 R2 ADPrep Problem

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I was working on a Windows 2008 DC and getting it ready to Prep the domain for a Windows 2008 R2 DC. I wasn’t on-site so I had no access to the a DVD Drive but I had the iso downloaded. I extracted the files and copied the Adprep folder over to my Windows 2008 32bit DC well when I ran adprep /forestprep I got the warning wrong version of OS 32bit versus 64 bit. OK now what to do as there is no 32bit version of Windows 2008 R2 RTM. I went over my possibilities and went back and looked at the apdrep folder a little closer and what I found as there is a adprep32.exe in the folder so I ran this on my Windows 2008 32bit DC and away Prepping the forest and domain went. I now could bring in my Windows 2008 R2 DC to the domain.


Til Later just Roger

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