SBS 2003 and beyond

February 14, 2009  5:38 PM

SBS 2003 and Wild Blue

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I am sure others have had this experience with a Wild Blue connection but this was my first. This was a new customerthat was 4 hours away and we sold the server over the phone and I thought I had asked all the questions I should have but not true I forgot one important one and assumed they was in town. Which in all actually they was outside of the town about 5 miles. So they had Wild Blue for a Internet connection, I had asked can you get a static IP and they checked and the answer was yes and I had asked do they block any ports and they checked no they don’t. But I did not ask any names anything like that of the ISP. Me bad and yes I can admit me bad.

So I get on-site get the server all setup and going which I did try SBS 2008 first but we couldn’t make the legacy LOB App work  so I rolled them with SBS 2003 R2 and then we went to address the Internet stuff which I could not make any connections to the server from the outside. So a call to support and no they say we don’t block ports so more testing thinking I had the router wrong. Nope this all looked good more digging and I hit the web and find others with this problem. When they say they are not blocking ports that is true they are smashing the packets in all actuality so you can’t do what the customer wants. Ok the customer calls back and asks them why did they sell them a Business Class service if that was not a true statement. No answer from them on that this is the way it is to them and the customer is hung with a contract and a buy out if they want to get out of it. We did find another service that will do the satellite and allow anything to come in but more equipment to be purchased. So we are exploring a couple of ways to go which this is one of them and now the ISP in town has wireless and they will find out if this will work next week. Bottom line if you have a customer that mentions Wild Blue tell them run screaming away from that call and find something else.

Til later just Roger

February 14, 2009  12:26 PM

When it rains it pours and look what I got.

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I want to say right away here I am not complaining. But you ever had one of those times when there is not enough time in the day it seems like. I have about 5 big projects all running at the same time here which I am not going to complain about as I know some probably wish they had this problems. But you are bouncing from one to another to another and keeping them all straight on where you are at with each. I guess the alternative could be worse sitting around wondering where the next gig is going to be.

I know I have not blogged much about really fixing things but this is a time where they are all new installs of new equipment and not much fixing going on. I know I put my wifes SBS 2008 Server into her network about 45 days ago and the box has not been rebooted since it just keeps working. I like that and I know the first SBS 2008 server that I migrated from Standard Server 2003 has just been working. Is that a good thing for a break fix guy not really but you sure have happy customers then.

Today is Valentines Day and I had to go out of state Thursday and Friday on a server install and I thought ahead and ordered with the local florist something to be delivered on Friday which turned out to be a huge thing of flowers. I guess that is what they meant by Ultimate Choice wow looks like I biggy sized my happy meal here. She was happy and surprised which is a good thing and that is me.

I had to drive home in a snow storm last night which turned my 3 hour trip into a 5 hour trip but it was worth it as I got home and there was a big box waiting for me. It was a steering wheel and brake and gas pedal for my xBox 360 I am so spoiled.


Til Later just Roger

February 10, 2009  12:19 PM

SBS 2003 and OWA

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

We had another site with OWA having issues and I am wondering if this was a problem with maybe a update that came down or was actually just something that came up. But they was getting the 500 error and Site busy from the outside when OWA was tried to go to. What they ended up doing was running this

We had to sync IUSR and IWAM


Used this piece of flotsam


We used the /inetpub/AdminScripts for this.


The syntax we used:

cscript adsutil.vbs set w3svc/anonymoususerpass “f00”

cscript adsutil.vbs get w3svc/anonymoususerpass (reports correct password)


cscript adsutil.vbs set w3svc/wamuserpass “f00”

cscript adsutil.vbs get w3svc/wamuserpass (reports correct password)


To sync the passwords with IIS we used:

cscript.exe synciwam.vbs -v


2nd time through it worked

Til later just Roger

February 10, 2009  2:30 AM

Busy Weekend Retreating

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

Well it was our company retreat over Friday and Saturday. What that usually means to me is I have a crazy week or weeks leading up to being gone for a day and then a crazy Monday covering everything related to being gone and also Roger not being able to spew forth with anything on here but I am back.

Makes you wonder if this is really worth the craziness. Yes it is in my perspective as the people I work for goes to a lot of time and expense to put this on for us. So we can put forth our time to enjoy what is being done for us. They didn’t have to do this and what they gave us which is much appreciated. Plus the highlight for me was I was named the Top Tech for HTS for 2008. That made all the hard work I did and also what my family puts up with worth it.

Til later just Roger

February 5, 2009  1:29 AM

Thoughts for the week

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

Well it has been another busy week here one of my bigger customers is upgrading their network plus it is time to wander off to our company retreat theend of the week also. The network upgrade is going really good as Jason one of our network guys brought his A game and is doing a great job. Networking is not my favorite thing in the world but hey without it the server hardware does not run. So I am asking questions when I can to become more familiar with the equipment and what is going on with the network. 

Plus this weekend is our company retreat where all the locations get together and we do what we do from seeing how we are doing to hearing from some of our major vendors. Plus on Friday night we all get together and go bowling which I actually like bowling and have done well at it and have won the last couple of years high game and most strikes. Will I do it again it really don’t matter as it is all about having some fun.

One thing I have found out is I have doubled the amount of page views on my blog and it looks like people are actually reading what I have to say. Plus I am getting some questions on some of the post which is great. So I will keep doing what I do then talking about the normal everyday things I run into.

Til later just Roger

January 31, 2009  11:29 PM

Exchange 2003 Server SP 2 Install Error

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

One of our techs had a Exchange 2003 SP2 server that the OWA quit working and I suggested that he do  a Exchange 2003 reinstall. That usually clears up any of these quirky Exchange 2003 problems if you can’t get it correct and of course when he went to install SP2 got the “there is an earlier version of the exchange intelligent message filter installed” So I had this fix for a SBS 2003 Server which it is still Exchange 2003 and this allowed him to get SP 2 installed.

He got this all done and the OWA would come up but with a 500 error inside and from the outside I would get a “The requested resource is in use.” Error so I did a quick search and found this and this corrected the problem for him regsvr32 %windir%/system32/vbscript.dll life was good and now he has his weekend back.

Til Later just Roger

January 29, 2009  2:00 AM

SBS 2008 and Intermittent Outlook Anywhere Problems

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

We had a tech working on a migration from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 and everything was going good for him with his first migration. His customer relies heavily on Outlook Anywhere for the users and for the users connecting off the remote TS Server. I got called in and he had found a article on what it could be but wanted to make sure. I did some cleaning up of DNS and the Certs on the servers and then verified and corrected the client access server.

Still no luck so I looked over the article and thought well it was either this or calling PSS so what I ended up doing was going to C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Bin\webapp\SBS Web Applications and then editing the web.conf file below


<remove name=”HttptoHttpsRedir” />
<add name=”HttptoHttpsRedir” type=”Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.IWorker.IIS.Modules.HttpToHttpsRedir,HttpToHttpsRedir,Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35″ preCondition=”” />


<remove name=”HttptoHttpsRedir” />

I had to open notepad as a administrator then browse to this file to be able to edit the file. Saved the file and then had the onsite tech restart the server. Last I heard things was back to normal and working ok.

Til Later just Roger



January 27, 2009  1:30 PM

SBS 2003 with ISA 2004 Internal Client VPN Problems

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I had a customer who has a SBS 2003 SP1 Server with ISA 2004 who uses a VPN off their client machines to a site that they submit claims too using the ATT Global Dialer. Well I got the sheet from them on Ports and IP’s that needed to be allowed to do there certain parts and got them all added but the workstations still would not connect. They keep getting error 223 VPN port in use. I finally tracked it down to on the SBS Server I had to go to the registry and add Port 4500 to HKey_Local_Machine\system\CurrentControlSet\Service\Tcpip\Parameters  in the Reserved Ports and I had to add 4500-4500 and then I could allow a VPN to initiate from the inside out. It seems to be the problem that a certain Windows Update allowed something else to take over this port. Once I defined this as reserved then the Clients was good. When I get the exact article I will post that info also.


Til later just Roger

January 26, 2009  1:19 PM

Server 2003 and HP c3000

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

Had a customer bring in there HP ML 370 server on Monday I happened to be in the office working on setting up our new HP c3000 that we will be rolling out in-house with a couple of BL 480c’s and a couple of BL 465c’s and moving some of our in house servers over to the HyperV world. Ok back to the customer. One of the other techs had stopped onsite and said not much he could do it was motherboard or RAM so they sent it to the office.

I got it on the bench and tried the memory we had on hand and found nothing that would work. To me it was looking like motherboard issues to me. We had a couple of ML 350 G4’s that we was going to sell of do something with setting around so I just moved the hard drives and RAID controller over to the ML 350 booted the server updated the HP Drivers and life was good server booted customer bought that server and they was back in business. It is not everyday you can do this but that was very handy having that server sitting there.

We also did a password change at another site for the administrator password and you know for the amount of planning and identifying of places that passwords need changed you always miss some place. Which we did but it all worked out in the end. But when your dealing with 18 or 20 servers you better have it all wrote down so a procedures are good in this case.

I did a quick check on my wife’s SBS 2008 Server and the thing is just running and operating away just like it should. That is good to know I know when I put her SBS 2003 server in place the support calls went way down which is a good thing and I am glad to see SBS 2008 is not letting me down also. I did put a lot of work into that from the Tap and the Betas and all the way to the finished product and it is good to see it is doing what it is suppose to. Well it is off the the State All State Jazz Band which my wife’s son is playing in so I better hit the road. I ill have more on the c3000 and that business next week.

Till later just Roger

January 24, 2009  7:33 PM

Random Thoughts Day

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

I watch my bosses blog and know he travels a lot around to everything he has going on from the HTG Groups to HTS business. Looks like he was over in England this last bit and enjoying himself over there. Maybe we should start a Where is Arlin game like that Where is Waldo. Come to think about it they do kind of resemble each other.

Reminds me back to the days in a previous life when I traveled all of the 48 states and 6 Canadian Providences is what I ended up hitting before I did a 180 and traveled a different direction in my life. I know I enjoyed the travel all over and seeing the country and not just flying over it and looking down and wondering gee what does that look like down there. I’m not a flier and never will be so i will leave all that kind of travel to Arlin but hey either coast or Canada is just a car ride or train ride away and that is just fine by me.

I have been really enjoying my xBox 360 right now I am on a Grid and Need for Speed Underground kick and have been ignoring other items like playing more with Windows 7 and some other things I should be doing but it is nice to rest the mind once in a while. My wife and I was talking last night about all what is going on around and was comparing notes so to speak she has a trucking company and they have not noticed any kind of slow down yet and I know I have been staying really busy hopefull it all stays that way.

Ok I know enough of this stuff and give you something that can help you out in your everyday Techie stuff but hey we all have to stop and kcik back once in a while don’t ya think?

Til Later just Roger

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