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Jul 11 2012   5:08PM GMT

Microsoft Licensing Fun or is this Hell

Roger Crawford Roger Crawford Profile: Roger Crawford

You ever get off the phone with Microsoft and feel like you have been sitting there poking yourself in your eye just for the fun of it or banging your head on the wall or that you need to go take a shower? We had a License Agreement that had expired and for whatever reason no one had caught it or it was mentioned or not who knows at this point it is irrelevant got missed some how and since I have taken over the IT Manager role here I was going over everything and found this. Of course this had our SA for the Office and Servers and Exchange and RDP and all the licenses that goes with that on it. So I called and after a while of bouncing back and forth and all around they said we could update our licensing and continue with the existing agreement. Ok that was cool I liked that answer and life was good.

Well they called back sometime later and said because the agreement expired in 2010, but right on the MS Licensing Website it says you can renew it by 2013 and be ok nothing about yaBut’s. That was one of the questions that I had asked was can we continue with that and the answer was yes you can…… BUT yes here comes the BUT now after everything was all agreed on and PO’s given out and things was ordered they called back and said oh yea BTW for you to be able to do this you have to catch up the 2 years you missed and then redo it again next year when this expires. Pregnant pause here while a short flash back of a car salesmen doing the same thing to me when I was getting my first new car or thought I was. Guess I have stupid written on my head or something but I said what? After being reviewed by the MS Sales guy and by 2 different people at MS Licensing while we was doing this no one had caught or knew this? Come on that is just crazy talk.

First thing is they really want the sale BUT ok too me that says they don’t want it that bad I guess as I won’t go for that in anyway shape and form or it might have been the statement they made that this is the only Option I have…….. well maybe in there mind it is but can we say Google Apps or Linux and Open Office. I seemed to recall there is a price difference here between the MS License and Free plus then you have me telling 10 of my friends who tell 10 of there’s and it just blossoms from there when you have a cranky customer.

Or I suggested lets move forward with what was agreed on and I will stay on top of things going forward and life will be good, well they didn’t like that answer as if they did it for one they will have to do for all. Guess if there is this kind of problem everyday they would find other options to help and not and try to limit you to there “One Option” As my wife would say they was trying to put me in a box and I don’t play in boxes very well or at all.

I like MS Products but I don’t have a problem moving to something that does not have this insane crazy licensing system they have there especially when I am told I only have one option. I have more than one option to move forward with all of this and it don’t have to include them in this. I have no problem learning new things but I like the second option better they step up and we move forward. Oh yea and I walked away from getting the new car those kind of tricks are not my style.

Long story short I walked away from that discussion and did something different and also went and took a shower.

Til later just Roger

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