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February 17, 2020  1:23 AM

3 Ways To Raise Your Company’s Profile in 2020

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

In today's day and age, making an impression on potential customers is incredibly important. No matter what market an entrepreneur enters into, you can rest assured that it is saturated to an extent. With competitors already waiting at each turn, finding...

January 24, 2020  1:11 AM

Why Startup Still Need Phone Lines

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

Startups need phone lines because you must provide your clients with a simple way to reach out during the day Everyone expects you to have a phone number, and you will disappoint everyone when they find out you do not have a phone line. Look at what happens when you...

January 12, 2020  4:45 AM

Moving forward, data science needs a holistic approach

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

Data science is a relatively new entry into the scientific fold. In general, all of science is concerned with data in the grander scheme of things, but data science has a much broader focus and tends to make much greater use of machine learning and sophisticated algorithms in order to parse data...

January 12, 2020  3:41 AM

How will you know if your new product idea is technically feasible?

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

Bringing something from a concept to an on-the-shelf product requires that it be technically feasible. Of course, desirability to the consumer is a partial predictor of product success. But beyond its ability to meet a need or fill a niche, your product must have a manufacturing plan that's...

January 6, 2020  1:10 AM

5 Cyber Security Tips for Your Employees

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

Imagine getting to work on Monday, only to find out the entire company is in jeopardy because it was hacked. All your intellectual property is held to ransom, your employee and employer information is missing, and your company’s confidential files are...

January 5, 2020  8:42 PM

How Much Does An IT Degree Cost?

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

When you want to join the rapidly expanding world of IT, it's important to know how much it's going to set you back initially. With student loans nothing to kid about, you need to understand how much you can expect to pay in order to be part of the IT sector. This article...

December 14, 2019  12:45 AM

How to Expand Your Website Internationally

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

When it comes to visitors to your website, the more, the merrier because more traffic has the potential to result in more business. Growing your sales across international borders will take your company to the next level. 1 Comment     RSS Feed     Email a friend

December 13, 2019  11:25 AM

4 Simple Steps to Create a Coherent Business Data Operation

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

For any company doing business today, it should be already apparent that data is the...

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December 13, 2019  4:20 AM

4 Ways SMBs Can Adapt to Support a Mobile Workforce

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

4 Ways SMBs Can Adapt to Support a Mobile Workforce Today, mobile computing isn't just an alternative to traditional desktops; it's the preferred way that people get their work done. For small businesses, however, that...

December 3, 2019  3:44 AM

How an Effective Workflow Helps Improve Your Business

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

An effective workflow is achieved when you find a way to streamline the processes in your business to avoid errors and delays. Reaching this state of productive nirvana is not as easy as you might imagine it would be. It involves a lot of time spent observing,...

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