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October 7, 2019  3:43 PM

Six Tips to Save Time on Marketing

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

As a marketer, you need to stay focused because you are usually faced with many distractions. For example, social media is an effective marketing tool but can also take up all your time. By optimizing your workflow, focusing on...

October 7, 2019  1:39 AM

How Technology Has Impacted the Global Business Environment

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

There's good reason why leading experts are referring to the age we're living in right now as the Technological Revolution. Technology has impacted the way in which we do things, and it's had a massive impact on the global business environment as a...

September 28, 2019  1:12 AM

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider SaaS for Your Business

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

Nowadays, it is required to have 24/7, secure access to business applications from wherever you are; and that’s why more and more businesses 

September 9, 2019  11:42 AM

Emergence of Big Data AI

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

Not long ago, big data was one of themost talked about tech trends, as was artificial intelligence (AI). But, in case people need a reminder of how fast technology evolves, they only need to consider something newer — big data AI. It combines elements of both technologies. AI allows computers to...

September 9, 2019  5:20 AM

How Has Cyber Security Evolved in the Last 10 Years

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

The last ten years of cyber security have taught us a lot about hackers and their resilience to infiltrate some of the biggest companies in the world. Common mistakes continue to occur, such as Instagram account passwords being held in text format, and regular...

September 8, 2019  10:14 AM

Going Past the Basics for Cybersecurity

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

Data breaches are an all too common occurrence and there is no single measure of their impact. Aside from the adverse impact a data breach has on the affected company, data breaches also have a domino effect on the affected company’s customers. In fact, quite often...

September 8, 2019  5:11 AM

Are Cryptocurrencies Here to Stay?

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

Evolution of currency is taking center stage in the financial world. Recent reports indicate that over 70% of finance professionals are optimistic that cryptocurrencies are not going away any time soon because acceptance of cryptocurrency is gaining substantial ground...

September 4, 2019  3:56 AM

4 Data Sources Your Company Shouldn’t Ignore

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

In an earlier age, perhaps as little as a decade ago, businesses had to rely on intuition and educated guesses to guide their spending. The situation was famously captured by John Wanamaker, who said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which...

September 3, 2019  3:48 AM

7 cybersecurity tips for small business

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

Many small business owners misguidedly feel their organization is too small to become a target for hackers however, cyberattacks on small companies are typical and they're increasing. An effective attack on a Fortune 500 firm is likely to be a lot more rewarding, but...

September 3, 2019  2:38 AM

How HR Tech Has Changed Employee Recruiting

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

HR technology is changing the face of employee recruiting. Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to manage data overload, which is a major part of the recruitment process. Businesses are compiling data at large rates that cannot be analyzed quickly enough without...

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