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December 5, 2019  3:45 AM

Moving forward, data science needs a holistic approach

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

Data science is a relatively new entry into the scientific fold. In general, all of science is concerned with data in the grander scheme of things, but data science has a much broader focus and tends to make much greater use of machine learning and sophisticated algorithms in order to parse data...

December 3, 2019  3:44 AM

How an Effective Workflow Helps Improve Your Business

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

An effective workflow is achieved when you find a way to streamline the processes in your business to avoid errors and delays. Reaching this state of productive nirvana is not as easy as you might imagine it would be. It involves a lot of time spent observing,...

December 1, 2019  12:14 AM

How Technology Is Changing What We Eat

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

When it comes to human existence, air, water, and food are important for survival. The average American consumes on average a ton of food each year according to data from the US Department of Agriculture. Over the last several decades the eating habits of Americans...

November 1, 2019  2:47 AM

How to Use Social Media for Small Business

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

When you own a small business, you may feel overwhelmed by the idea of having to develop successful social media campaigns. Social media provides one of the best ways to get new customers and retain current ones. Don’t be put off by the fact that you think it is too...

October 28, 2019  3:59 AM

Ways the Tech Industry is Helping the Aging Population

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

A study done by the U.N. examined how the world population has aged and will continue to age and how this will...

October 27, 2019  4:39 AM

4 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Career in IT

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

The world of IT is never static. The market encounters constant changes, and employees need to adapt to them. A career in IT will never be boring for people who embrace change willingly.  1 Comment     RSS Feed     Email a friend

October 7, 2019  3:43 PM

Six Tips to Save Time on Marketing

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

As a marketer, you need to stay focused because you are usually faced with many distractions. For example, social media is an effective marketing tool but can also take up all your time. By optimizing your workflow, focusing on...

October 7, 2019  1:39 AM

How Technology Has Impacted the Global Business Environment

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

There's good reason why leading experts are referring to the age we're living in right now as the Technological Revolution. Technology has impacted the way in which we do things, and it's had a massive impact on the global business environment as a...

September 28, 2019  1:12 AM

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider SaaS for Your Business

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

Nowadays, it is required to have 24/7, secure access to business applications from wherever you are; and that’s why more and more businesses 

September 9, 2019  11:42 AM

Emergence of Big Data AI

Keith Harrell Profile: SAS70ExPERT

Not long ago, big data was one of themost talked about tech trends, as was artificial intelligence (AI). But, in case people need a reminder of how fast technology evolves, they only need to consider something newer — big data AI. It combines elements of both technologies. AI allows computers to...

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