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Jul 24 2019   12:01AM GMT

How to Manage Crunch Time Stress

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Working in the tech sector means exposing yourself to a host of stressors because the culture is competitive, the work load is tremendous, the task is all about extreme attention to details, the rhythm is fast paced to keep up with technological trends, and the industry is results driven. IT employees need their jobs to earn a living, but stress can also undermine their health and sense of wellness to the point where burnout can affect their relationships. Here are some tips on how to manage crunch time stress in the tech industry:

Shut Off Your Tech

Majority of IT professionals take their tech gadgets wherever they go from ipads, cellular phones, drones, video cameras, and laptops even on their down times. Unless it is stipulated in your contract, then you are not a 24/7 employee. Most people aren’t paid enough to be on call all the darn time. There is a pandemic of anxious people, who have turned into brainless slaves of their smart phones. It is important to remember to turn your tech devices off, reduce too much screen time, and do a digital detox. If you can’t have it completely shut down, then put it on silent mode or vibrate. Most importantly, on your days off, don’t be afraid to tell your colleagues that you will be temporarily offline and unavailable.

Compartmentalize for your Sanity

As tempting as it may be to take home work, you have to stop that bad habit. Learn to focus on your family when you are home. Leave work and all topics about work where it belongs, which is in your office. Learning to compartmentalize is one of the most important techniques for setting healthy boundaries so that you can keep your sanity intact. This means establishing mental barriers between priorities because taking too much on your plate means biting off more than you can chew. You have to learn to direct all your energy to what’s right in front of you because addressing priorities all at the same time is impossible.

Take Time Off

Take time to stop and smell the roses. It doesn’t have to be a grand vacation that costs a lot of money. It can be as simple as heading to the gym, meditating, reading a book, eating in a nice restaurant, or playing fun classic online games. All these activities keep your mind off work and divert your attention to happier things that make you feel relaxed. Life cannot be all about work because all work and no play will make you sick. IT employees who find time to relax, return to work refreshed and more motivated to face their tasks.

Work on Your Physical Health

Working in a tech desk job means you could have acquired bad habits like skipping meals or eating junk food on your desk because your deadline is looming. Work place stress also means you may not just lack nutrition but you also lack sleep. These poor habits can take their toll on your body, making you sick and anxious. It is your responsibility to prioritize your physical health by eating the nutritious meals at the right time, staying hydrated with enough water, getting enough sleep, and working out for optimal cardio-vascular health.

Being physically healthy means you manage workplace stress a lot better. Most of all, you owe it to yourself to stay in tip-top shape because there is one and only you, who your family depends upon.

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