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May 14 2008   9:53AM GMT

The SAP training lie

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

There are no authorized SAP training partners.

That seems like an odd claim to make given the large number of companies claiming to provide authorized SAP training–Genovate, for example, and dozens of other companies based in South and East Asia. But the fact of the matter is that SAP itself does not officially recognize, let alone authorize, any of these companies as training partners. The partner category closest to this function is “education,” which SAP defines more as the ramping up of existing SAP end users than as the generic training of aspiring SAP developers. Becoming an authorized SAP education partner is difficult; only one company in the U.S., RWD Technologies, is qualified in this category. Naturally, SAP training is provided on an ad hoc, on demand basis by consultants and integrators, but this service is also much closer to SAP’s category of “education” than to the current marketplace understanding of “training,” which is most frequently used in the aspiring SAP developer context.

Yet, somehow, companies such as Genovate continue to claim that they are authorized SAP training partners. Genovate isn’t even mentioned on, but on the SAP Developer Network, SDN, the company is regularly described as being an “authorized” SAP training partner.

Either SAP countenances Genovate’s claims in some indirect way or SAP doesn’t bother to address the messaging issues raised by these de facto members of the ecosystem. Either way, it’s a disservice to the marketplace. Walldorf’s mighty legal machine should forbid companies from claiming to be authorized SAP training partners, because such claims do not accord to SAP’s own partner taxonomy or to SAP’s rigid standards for partner authorization. In fact, such claims exist largely to separate vast numbers of gullible Indian technology graduates from their hard-earned money by building the impression that SAP itself confers legitimacy on “training” companies.

The big news in the SAP world this week is the severe shortage of skills; along with Foote Partners, we’ll be exploring this subject in an upcoming podcast and articles. As far as SAP customers are concerned, the existence of shady training companies is contributing to the influx of inexperienced (and, in some cases, fraudulent) SAP techies into the marketplace. When SAP skills get diluted, projects fail.

So it’s really in everyone’s interest for SAP to hit hard at the so-called “authorized” training partners, particularly those in India. The point isn’t to stop these companies from operating, it’s to remove the impression that they have SAP’s mark of approval. At that point, let the marketplace decide their fate.

Demir Barlas, Site Editor

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  • Sim
    I have about a year of BW/BI experience. If there truly is a shortage of SAP skills then why do most jobs I apply for ask for 4 years minimum experience and atleast 2 lifecycles?
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  • ygs
    I have 6 years of domain experience in Human Resource, and about 2 years in SAP HCM. Ironically, when I apply for jobs no company considers my domain knowledge. I wonder, was it a waste of time to gain domain experience? On the other hand, firms demand 2 lifecycles experience within 2 years. Aren't these conditions the reasons for higher number of fake resumes in the job market? Employers, please consider candidate's all type of experiences and scrutinize the interview process to abstract authentic information from what they claim in domain experience instead forcing them to increase their SAP experience on paper. After all, who is the looser if such candidate is hired?
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  • abhi
    Hi Demir, I follow this site regularly and generally receive lot of good advice. However, I would point out that I do find some of the information just wrong. As in this case, it is my understanding that SAP has few educational partner in Asia pacific region including India . In fact, One of my friend contacted SAP sometime back to become an authorized SAP Education partner in US. But he was denied saying that SAP does not partner for education in North American region but does partner in other regions. I am not associated with any of these partners and I do appreciate you taking time to point things to help SAP community. Thanks,
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  • Sanjay
    I've always relied on this site to provide accurate/quality information. This article seems an exception. Here is a training/education schedule published not on SDN but on P.S. I've no affiliation to any training partner, just interested in quality information.
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  • Demir Barlas
    My argument was that SAP Education is not the same as SAP Training as marketed by third-party training companies. SAP Education is targeted to existing end users whereas it seems that most Training courses are bought by IT people aspiring to break into SAP (partly under the misapprehension that SAP has official Training/Certification, as opposed to Education, partners). Best, Demir Barlas Site Editor
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  • Wendy
    Hi I came across this blog and my observation is there is no big deal, truly speaking on what is the textbook definition of training and education as long as SAP authorizes a partner to provide training (looks odd to write "provide education")for SAP consultants. Demir, I am singaporean and have gone to Genovate HQ in Singapore to enquire with my bf for SAP Training (not education :-)courses. And for your information, I even noticed a trophy from SAP to Genovate where it mentions Genovate as a Authorized Training partner. What better authenticity to prove this? I even took your word and went to to check if what you are saying is true that genovate was not mentioned as a partner - save for the fact that the word training which i feel associated with Education i did see a mention of SAP Education Partners where Genovate was mentioned. So Demir as a customer to SAP products and training, i feel you should be venting out your frustration on "in your terms" the Unauthorized Education Partners instead of targetting "in most ways acceptable even to SAP" the authorized Centres.
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  • Flexcube
    Well done and said. But I find that Genovate is listed in Education centers of India, not only Genovate, a couple of others, like Siemens, JKT and so on. In addition to these so called authorised training partners of SAP, I find a lot of people claiming to give training on SAP like ultimatesap dot com, sap -topjobs dot com etc. Please tell me, what to do in such a situation, I am a non SAPian, wish to learn it and master it. Is it possible ? Can I go to SAP india dot com itself? It is their own institution at Bangalore in India? Please suggest. Swaminathan S Tiruchirappalli,
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