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February 9, 2006  3:52 PM

Welcome to the new editorial blog!


What is the purpose of a blog? In many cases, it provides an outlet for regular Joes to vent, be creative, socialize and anything else you can think of. In other cases, it may be a technology evangelist pushing a specific pet cause. Linux  users comes to mind. Yet others use blogs as a complement to regular news reporting, enabling news writers and editors to add commentary and personal opinions about various issues that would not be appropriate to include in a regular news story. That's the approach we'll be taking in this blog.

It can be an issue of adding that nice anecdote a conference delegate told you, or perhaps one of us want to give a first-person account after having test-driven the latest SAP product demo. Sometimes we may have a new idea that we'll invite you to comment on. Other times we'll put the spotlight on another SAP blogger if they have some particularly interesting insights about something. Occasionally we may even shamelessly try to drum up some buzz around a new Learning Guide or IT checklist. But hey, at least we're honest about it, and everything will be SAP-related — no ramblings about which movie deserves the Oscar for Best Picture* or whether Duke Nukem Forever will be released this year**.

Of course, we always appreciate feedback. Feel free to reply to any and all posts you see on this blog, or submit a comment through the main website.

* Alone in the Dark
** Don't hold your breath

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