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Nov 8 2007   5:44PM GMT

H1B visa update: No increased fees

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

H1B visas have remained a hot button topic for SAP professionals for some time, and we’ve covered it quite a bit over the years. Last we heard, there was legislation put into motion to more than triple the H1B application fee, from $1,500 to $5,000. The influx of money would be used to fund new scholarships for U.S. students to the tune of $15,000 annually for qualified computer science students.

Well, that probably won’t happen after all. InformationWeek just reported that the amendment is most likely about the get the boot, which comes as good news to Microsoft, Sun and others who have gone on the record to support easing and increasing H1B visas. They view the H1B visa program as a key component of staying competitive and adequately staffing projects with the best and brightest in the world.

Not surprisingly, American IT workers and consultants beyond the SAP world are less than thrilled. observed that:

“…By depressing the IT salaries, the H1B program has had an unforeseen effect, depressing the enrollment of students in IT training programs in U.S. Universities. Qualified students, seeing that IT positions no longer carry the prestige, high demand and salaries they once commanded have chosen more prestigious, higher paying, or less demanding majors.”

Ashley also quoted anti-H1B crusader Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) from a speech earlier this year:
“The H1B program was intended to fill jobs for a temporary amount of time while the country invested in American workers to pick up the skills they needed […] Unfortunately, the H1B program is so popular that it’s now replacing the U.S. labor force.”

Clearly, the H1B battle rages on with no signs of slowing down. We’ll continue to track the developments in the months ahead.

Matt Danielsson

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  • Gene Delfino
    This proves the government is not: for the people or buy the people, it is for the corporations and has been for a gosh awful long time. Who didn't know that? Unfortunately their is only one Lou Dobbs and God bless him he is a patriot. Unfortunately it will take demonstrations and people willing to show their disgust with the way America is being run. This industry is all we have left; they have almost completely out sourced everything else including our tax returns. I have been fighting this battle for sometime, I would like to tell you how many congress people and senators said they were proud of the American Competitiveness Act (look it up). It sickens me because we all play the game of appreciating the troops, well what about those who died prior to make this country sovereign, strong and a healthy leader. These corporations are not smart! they out sourced DOS as an operating system look at what happened there, they were not smart enough to make SAP part of the product line! So how can they know what is good for us, and our leaders are the best money can buy that is who is supporting the H1B's and will because their getting their pockets filled. Watch CNN they report this about every week, that is if the rich kids aren't doing something you'd get hung for! God Bless America and those who care about it!!!!!!!!!!!
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