SAP Watch:

July, 2008

July 31, 2008  10:35 PM

SAP-related scandal in Burnaby

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

The city of Burnaby, B.C. is playing host to an unfolding SAP-related scandal that is pulling some shady practices into the light. On May 30, 2005, a report from Burnaby's Finance and Civic Development Committee officially recommended a purchase of SAP to the Burnaby City Council. The project,...

July 31, 2008  10:15 AM

SAP opens the door to Rimini Street

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

Rimini Street, which offers technical support for end users running Oracle, SAP, and other enterprise applications, recently reported a strong first half of 2008, buoyed partly by an influx of SAP customers.Two SAP decisions are making the rest of 2008 look even brighter for Rimini Street. First,...

July 30, 2008  12:42 PM

Gartner: SAP tops in ERP, CRM and SCM

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

Research firm Gartner has ranked SAP #1 in 2007 market share in enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain management. This is the third straight year in which SAP dominated all of these categories. According to Gartner, in 2007 SAP...

July 29, 2008  11:37 AM

Users rebel over SAP’s higher maintenance fees

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

Recently, SAP decided to raise support costs from 17% to 22% percent of licensing costs on the basis that all users would henceforth receive Enterprise Support instead of the more basic...

July 17, 2008  1:17 PM

Kagermann: SAP “too male” but not too German

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

Henning Kagermann, co-CEO of SAP, had some interesting things to tell Germany's Die Welt recently. Here are some of his more colorful disclosures:

  • SAP, having added four non-Germans to its Executive Board, no longer considers itself "too German"; however, Kagermann recognizes...

July 16, 2008  10:41 AM

Levis blames SAP for falling profitability

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

Levi Strauss, the iconic jeans company, has experienced a 19% drop-off in U.S. sales, and a 98% collapse in Q2 08 profitability. In an SEC filing and subsequent conference call, Levi Strauss placed much of the blame for the bad performance on SAP. Levi Strauss, which began to roll out SAP globally...

July 15, 2008  11:09 AM

SAP explains certification

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

After a long period of official silence on matters related to certification, SAP finally made some things clear to SearchSAP in a

July 14, 2008  10:59 AM

InBev’s Anheuser-Busch takeover: an SAP win-win

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

Anheuser-Busch has agreed to a $52 billion takeover offer from Belgian beer company InBev. The deal will create the world's largest beer company and generate plenty of possibilities in the SAP domain, as both companies are SAP customers. Anheuser-Busch runs SAP online procurement and supply/demand...

July 11, 2008  10:32 AM

Menasha wins SAP sales tax lawsuit

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

Menasha, a packaging company in Wisconsin, installed SAP R/3 in 1995. Some media reports estimate that the project cost roughly $23 million, including $5 million for a license, and over $16 million in expenses incurred as a result of paying SAP, Deloitte, and other consultants to modify the R/3...

July 9, 2008  2:57 PM

Update: SAP module reorganization?

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

It all started with a quote from Ray Wang of Forrester Research, as he mentions that SAP might be “getting rid of terms like ERP, SCM, etc, and transforming it all into about seven sections.” A comment that...

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