SAP Watch:

May, 2008

May 29, 2008  10:16 AM

Decoding SAP’s strategy rhetoric

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

At the recently concluded Sapphire Berlin, SAP co-CEOs Henning Kagermann and Léo Apotheker argued that IT-enabled "strategic agility" was the path to competitive differentiation in the current business environment. Kagermann, for example, stated that "true business network...

May 27, 2008  10:04 AM

Wal-Mart’s confused SAP strategy

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

Wal-Mart, which agreed to buy SAP ERP Financials last year, officially began its rollout yesterday. It's a massive, multi-phase project that sees Wal-Mart ditching its long history of developing IT systems in-house in favor of working with packaged software vendors (including SAP arch-rival...

May 23, 2008  10:40 AM

SAP megadeal goes wrong

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

SAP signed a megadeal with the U.K.'s Birmingham City Council (BCC) in 2006 designed to save the sum of $2 billion over 10 years. However, SAP's BCC deal is currently a project in trouble, joining the cities of

May 22, 2008  11:20 AM

Workday’s HCM deals: Some thoughts

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

The IT industry is abuzz with talk of Workday's recent Software as a Service (SaaS) deals at Chiquita and Flextronics. While I'm glad that Workday is having its day in the sun -- after all, I have Workday founder Dave Duffield to thank for Cornell's Duffield Hall, where I passed many pleasant hours...

May 19, 2008  9:21 AM

‘Rightshoring’ SAP? Capgemini tips for prospective SAP end users

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

A recent book entitled Rightshore!: Successfully Industrialize SAP Projects Offshore by Capgemini consultants Anja Handel, Wolfgang Messner, and Frank Thun can serve as a...

May 16, 2008  9:41 AM

Portland’s busted SAP implementation

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

There is a growing number of failed SAP public sector deployments, ranging in scope from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) megadeal to the smaller Burnaby, B.C. project. Now the...

May 15, 2008  10:49 AM

SAP skills: Is your job on the chopping block?

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

There's a major shortage of SAP skills in the marketplace, thanks to the inevitable lag time between SAP's aggressive debut of new products and IT workers' ability to master the associated skills. That's the message from Foote Partners' upcoming report on IT skills and compensation. The report is...

May 14, 2008  9:53 AM

The SAP training lie

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

There are no authorized SAP training partners. That seems like an odd claim to make given the large number of companies claiming to provide authorized SAP training--Genovate, for example, and dozens of other companies based in South and East Asia. But the fact of the matter is that SAP itself does...

May 13, 2008  11:00 AM

Why did you go to Sapphire?

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

The show floor was electric this year at Sapphire 2008 in Orlando. With over 15,000 attendees, the vendors had their work cut out for them. I saw booths that featured magicians, Guitar Hero, and a 2008 Porsche. A handful took the sex appeal approach. With all these distractions, people were...

May 12, 2008  4:28 PM

SAP’s BPM Roadmap

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

For most industry watchers, ‘SAP’ and ‘BPM’ go together in the context of ProcessWorld, SAP partner IDS Scheer’s annual Business Process Management (BPM) shindig. But at Sapphire 2008, SAP showed signs of wanting to address more BPM capabilities via NetWeaver BPM.

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