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April, 2008

April 30, 2008  11:01 AM

Business Objects and data quality problems

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

Business Objects works... right? That seems to be the general consensus from its customers. Frank Dravis, back in 2005, wrote about categorizing data quality problems. In this blog he...

April 29, 2008  12:02 PM

SAPPHIRE preview: Cool ASUG sessions

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

This is the second SAPPHIRE in which SAP and ASUG will present together. For attendees, this means a wealth of sessions, networking opportunities, and demos in the same location, but at the possible cost of creating some scheduling complexities. How do you decide which of the hundreds of sessions...

April 28, 2008  9:37 AM

Report: Business ByDesign delayed

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

SAP will delay general availability of its Business ByDesign Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, according to German news source Handelsblatt. Given that SAP wanted Business ByDesign to bring in $1 billion a year by 2010, the delay represents a significant setback in SAP's attempt to win a chunk...

April 24, 2008  11:57 AM

SAPPHIRE’s top 10 sessions

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

With SAPPHIRE ten days away, this is a good time to list the top ten sessions--not by any objective quality, but by how I see them based on what's hot 1 . Today's Business Process Expert--What You Need to Know. This daylong event aggregates a whole posse of consultants,...

April 23, 2008  8:01 AM

Business Objects apologizes to customers

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

SAP's Business Objects unit suffered a black eye recently. was forwarded a copy of an email from Business Objects to some of its customers that read, in part: "As we look back the past several weeks, it is...

April 22, 2008  10:04 AM

SAP downgraded: TomorrowNow, Business Objects, economy at fault

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

SAP has taken a couple of hits from financial analysts recently. J.P. Morgan's Manoj Singla downgraded SAP from Overweight to Neutral, and Patrick Walravens of JMP Securities issued a research note in which he claims that "the Business Objects sales organization may have missed its Q1 targets by a...

April 21, 2008  12:20 PM

SAP assists in Smart Grid

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

In an age of smart devices, energy consists of dull infrastructure: age-old meters, for one. As it turns out, the utilities industry wants to change all of that. The new industry vision, Smart...

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April 18, 2008  10:11 AM

TomorrowNow lawsuit update

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

There's a new development afoot in the SAP-Oracle dustup over TomorrowNow--the filing of a joint Case Management Conference (CMC) Statement that stakes out SAP and Oracle's positions in...

April 17, 2008  9:44 AM

NetSuite versus SAP: Something’s weird

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

NetSuite, the on-demand applications provider, has released OneWorld, which pulls together ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and business intelligence into a hosted format. NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson took some shots at SAP during the product's launch, telling the U.K.'s IT Week that OneWorld is "far more robust...

April 16, 2008  10:20 AM

H-1b overload: What’s the cause?

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

163,000 applications for U.S. H-1b visas were filed this year, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Most of these applicants will be disappointed, as the regular H-1b cap is 65,000. Those whose H-1b applications are approved can expect to begin hearing from from USCIS in...

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