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November, 2007

November 14, 2007  6:21 PM

SAP ABAP: Dead or alive?

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

Veteran SAP career expert Jon Reed has fielded quite a few questions from ABAP developers concerned about SAP's apparent focus on Java over ABAP. Indeed, things have had a distinct Java-flavor lately, which Reed discusses in depth in his most recent guest column,

November 12, 2007  7:17 PM

Yoda, Einstein and the SAP pro

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

Humor is one way to deal with the daily frustrations that can plague a career in SAP. As a Star Wars fan, I enjoyed the following barb (please read in Yoda's voice) "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to ABAP." And here's one more, "Einstein decided to become a...

November 8, 2007  5:44 PM

H1B visa update: No increased fees

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

H1B visas have remained a hot button topic for SAP professionals for some time, and we've covered it quite a bit over the years. Last we heard, there was legislation put into...

November 5, 2007  3:08 PM

SAP Basis questions wanted

JackDanahy Jack Danahy Profile: JackDanahy

The latest entry in our popular On The Spot series features Mario Linkies, CEO of Secude Consulting and former Director of Risk Management at SAP, answering questions about SAP security. Read his advice to users faced with challenges like ensuring security during a SAP upgrade, social hacking,...

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