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Sep 2 2000   4:30AM GMT

VMworld 2009 – Day 2: Keynote Steve Herod

Michelle Laverick Michelle Laverick Profile: Michelle Laverick

Well, this is actually a bit of an experiment or joke if you like. I didn’t actually make the keynote. I was out drinking with a buddy from England last night who haven’t seen in 2 years. We had some great mexican food and got to shoot some pool. Almost won my game, but fluffed the finish on the black.

Right now I’m in bed in the hotel, I ignored the alarm I set for 7.00 to get me to the keynote at 8am. Never understand the conferrence circuit. They get you drunk on the evening, and then expect you up at 8am. Personally, I think conferrences should run more like 11am-2am (the next day). Giving attendees plenty of time to process their alcohol intake.

But anyway, I’m not at the keynote – but I’m going to write a blogpost based on the twits of my fellow bloggers. Hey, maybe I will do this next year – after all you don’t have to write anything original if your a blogger just canibalise everyone else material. Right? ;-)

So anyway, Mr Herrod has stepped up to the stage. And right of the bat present the standard vMware slide – you know the one with vSphere4 in the middle and individual piece plug in like parts of the jigsaw. To the sound of “I like to move it, move it”. He announced that VMware will be extending the functionality of DRS to include the SVMotion of VMs from one datastore to another to improve performance. As with VMotion/DRS subtle calculations based on the IOPS of each VM will be used to control if the VM gets moved – in a process dubbed “datacenter defrag” (I heard that buzz word yesterday at the private press (non)event.

Next Herrod demo’d config control. It has a web-based admin tool that seemed to irratate some of my fellow twits/bloggers. The argument being that this marks a deviation from the vCenter plug-in strategy. Personally, I’m in two mines. Web-interfaces means I don’t have to worry about install/upgrading client front-ends – and conflicts in versionings (Vi Client anyone?) but the problem with WI is they tend to be a bit clunky, lack in feedback – and fininky about what browser your using (does anyone like me have 3 different web-browers installed in case one doesn’t work well with a web-site?)

It was this time I lost site of the VMworldPress Wifi in my hotel room. So I had to stop. I will continue when I get reconnected.

Anyway, then I got back on by then. The keynote had finished, but fortunately tweet deck still captured all the tweets. It sounds like Herod repeated the stuff at the Paul M session yesterday – Iaas, Saas, Paas. The alphabet soup prompted some commentors to demand BaaS – (Breakfast as a Service!). Clearly this early morning session had denied them the sustance they needed. Meanwhile I had my breakfast in bed. Yum. Also Herod demo’d the long distance VMotion that was shown at Paul M session. Somewhere in the break outs is a “Long Distance VMotion” session. It’s TA3105 on Wednesday (today) at 4.30pm. My pal Chad Sakac is there, (un)fortunately I will be co-presenting – so I will have to get a re-wind on the session when these videos appear on the VMworld 2009 website…

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