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Jun 28 2008   12:31PM GMT

VirtInfo: Pick & Mix of this weeks most interesting vendor annoucnments

Michelle Laverick Michelle Laverick Profile: Michelle Laverick

Well, you know every darn day there is a batch of “vendor” annoucements – heralding a new raft of initiatives, alliances and so on. I usually find this stuff a bit tedious to be honest. But a student on my course a couple of weeks ago – said he found this kind of thing useful – and thought I should be doing it. So as a nod to that I thought I would cull out the most tedious ones – and limit myself to the ones that made sit up and take notice. If this stuff really interests you – the best blog to watch is David Marshall’s – that’s what watch. I don’t know how David keeps it up – he often has most posts in a day, than I do in hour! So, in effort to show due deferrnece to his efforts -the long information is on David’s website. I don’t like passing other peoples work as my own.

Virtual Iron
I’m curious about Virtual Iron – because I know my co-location where I have all my kit uses. It seems to be popular in the hosting space because its darn cheap, rock solid – and does what it need it to do. This blog post from David, annouces virtual irons new “virtual classroom” – training on the web basically – for free to VI subscribers…

Virtual Iron Software ( www.virtualiron.com ), a provider of comprehensive server virtualization software solutions for the mainstream market, today… Read more at VMblog.com.

VMware Workstation Beta 2 is available
I don’t use WS much – but it was the one of the first virtualization technologies I used. Prior to Microsoft buying them I used to Connex’s Virtual PC because I had a free license for it as a Microsoft Certified Trainer. I used to use it on my Citrix courses to get a couple of extra Windows instances going for the Web Interface course. So I keep my eye on it. Often features in WS, wind up in ESX with a little time

VMware has announced the release of VMware Workstation 6.5 Beta 2 – the latest version of the company’s mature and advanced desktop virtualization… Read more at VMblog.com.

Wyse Tech supports W2K9 Embeded
I’ve always been interested in stupid (dumb) terminals since my Citrix days. In fact my next project after the SRM book is VDI (i think). So I will be on the blag at Wyse and Sun to borrow their terminals. I’m interested in Sun because a former student/buddy of mine works for Sun on their VDI/Sunray product. He works out in EMEA, and apparently Sunray/VDI is going great guns in the Gulf States. It’s not just limited to that array, my friends colleagues in the US are doing interesting things as well. They have 3,800 XP VMs up and running at the Uni of Alabama hospital.  They’ve even gone so far to do a YouTube job on it.


What I like to do is have a couple of these stupid terminals on my desk in my office, and practise rigging them to my VDM box at the colocation. Trouble is for me, is that the VDI market is soooo fragmented – which VDI technologies should I focus on??? I like to be vendor neutral but every company on the planet has its own offering… As a VMware guy I guess I should focus on VDM, but it just doens’t seem beefy or meaty enough to sink my teeth into right now…

Wyse Technology, the global leader in thin computing, today announced its support for Windows Embedded Standard 2009(tm) across all Wyse product… Read more at VMblog.com.

Quest & Parallels
For example Quest have a VDI offering together with Parallels using their Provision Networks Virtual Access Suite (VAS). I’ve become increasingly interested in Quest. If you looking for the best VDI product around the general verdict does seem to be Provision Networks. What’s put me off learning more about it – is think for a lots of organisations it may offer a very sophisticated environment which they don’t actually need/want.  Quest came back on my radar last week because of their free AD plug-in to PowerGUI/PowerShell

Quest Software Inc. (Nasdaq: QSFT), and Parallels today launched a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) bundle that offers enterprises a centralized… Read more at VMblog.com.

Veeam buy nWorks
My pals in Russia have been busy. Not only with developing and improving their own products. Not to be outdone they have bought a company in. They aquired nWorks. So along side their existing suite of products Veeam Backup, Reporter, Monitor and Configurator. They have added nworks Smart Plug-In for VMware for HP Software Operations Manager – to directly incorporate VMware management into HP OpenView. Additionally, they have added nWorks Management Pack for VMware for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager – to directly incorporate VMware management into Microsoft SCOM.


Application Virtualization
I’ve been doing application virtualization for some years. It was called Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows NT4 Terminal Services Edition. OK, joking apart – what we really talking about is stuff like SoftGird Softricity and ThinInstall (grrr, done it again I mean VMware’s ThinApp). This stuff will definitely make into my VDI book (if it ever gets off the ground) because machine and application virtualization go hand-in-glove with each other I think. Anyway, Virtualfuture.info have done a useful compare and contast – which I will use to decide which application virtualization vendor makes into my development.

Sven Huisman and Matthijs Haverink from VirtualFuture.info have created a comparison chart to try and help explain some of the differences in the… Read more at VMblog.com.


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