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Apr 17 2009   4:20AM GMT

Shock! Horror! Or is it?

Michelle Laverick Michelle Laverick Profile: Michelle Laverick

Apparently, its come as a surprise to some…


That when vSphere4 is released (ESX4/vCenter4) ALL THE OTHER PRODUCTS that VMware makes my not be instanously compatiable with it. So products like 

  • VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
  • VMware vCenter Lab Manager
  • VMware vCenter Lifecycle Manager
  • VMware vCenter Stage Manager
  • VMware View

May not be immediately compatiable with the new version – and it may take a short time before they are. Mmm, think about that for second. Is that really, that surprising or shocking? Erm, not really. Of course, its far from ideal. But how is that different from ANY OTHER SOFTWARE VENDOR you have ever dealt with. So if Microsoft bring out Windows 2008, do we expect ALL THE OTHER PRODUCT they make to be re-released at the same time? 

Well, if M$ can’t do it with all there development resources – who could?

After all even within a release some of the bulleted products have their own requirements – for example when SRM 1.0 was released… you need Vi3.5 U1 or higher… that was tough luck for those who were still on ESX3.0.2 and vCenter 2.5.2.

NOW. In fairness I do think this raises an important issue. What do the product in the bulleted list all share??? Yes, that’s right they all must speak to vCenter, therefore they must be tested and QA against that new version. Do you think the Product Managers of View/SRM/LHC and so on have been twiddling there thumbs – no you see they work for the SAME COMPANY, and have access to the development builds too. 

Just so you know – View3 DOES work with vCenter4. I tried it. There are some features which I couldn’t get working (Composer and Linked Clones) but I don’t think it would take too much for the View Product Team to resolve those. As for the product close to my heart – SRM. This morning the PM said I would be on the programme that will start in the Summer – and yes, that build will be compatiable with vSphere4. Like me you might have felt a little bit overwelmed with the dizzying number of releases of vCenter (3.5/ U1/ U2 / U3 / U4). Personally, I think what’s gonna have to happen is for vCenter to become much more stable. And by that mean not just in terms of reliability, but reliable as code base that doesn’t change so frequently, because every time it does it’s gonna create QA nightmare further up the management stacks. It’s becoming a bit of dependency and development issue. Those QA resources do seem to be might precious as my recent work with the VMware Data Recovery Appliance has shown…

BUT anyway, lets NOT make a storm in a tea cup. If you are using one of the high-level management products you just wait a short while and everything will be alright :-)

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