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Jul 17 2009   5:20AM GMT

New Products from VMware

Michelle Laverick Michelle Laverick Profile: Michelle Laverick

VMware updated a product this week, and released two new ones.

The release Lab Manager 4.0 which is the first high-level management product to be compatiable with vSphere4. That’s a good sign as many people (wrongly in my opinon) were belly aching that no every single high-level management product was compatiable with the new platform. New to Lab Manager 4.0 is cross-network fencing. A network feature that’s been long discussed since VMworld TSX in Canne in 2007. Basically, its like a PVLAN impleament – in that you can have VMs with the same IP/same name on the same network without conflicting with each other. I’m really interested in this feature – because it might be away forward for DR solutions where re-IPing VMs and making sure there not unintend network conflicts during the test of recovery plans… It also seems that a prediction many people (including myself) made about 2 years ago has come true. That “Stage Manager” and “Lab Manager” have jumped into bed, got each other pregnant and had a shot-gun wedding. Yep, they’ve come together as one product. It was always quite tenious argument separating the two, and even harden VMware Vets like me stuggled to understand why there was a Lab Manager AND a Stage Manager.

I remember the Register asking – what was next – a manager manager to manage all your managers? Sounds like story about the NHS…!


VMware also released vCenter Chargeback. Despite the vCenter monikor it is not included in any of the standard SKU’s for vSphere (so its not in Foundation, Standard, Advanced, Enterprise or even the much derrided Enterprise+), but as separate downloadable product. Priced at nearly $750 per socket one of the main costs of chargeback will be the chargeback software. I DO LOVE THAT IRONY! :-)

To be honest I’ve come a lot of US software vendors adding chargeback modules to their software – Citrix did to their Presentation Server product. I dunno why, but in EMEA when you chat chargeback to customers/clients/student they just seem to glaze over. It just doesn’t seem like burning issue to folks on this side of the pond. Maybe I’m wrong – and not talking to the right people. Perhaps it is a US thang. You tell me. Do you rub your hands in glee with the thought of raising internal invoices for VMs you folks create?


The other product is to me more intriguing – vCenter AppSpeed. Again its not included in any of the standard SKUs. I love it when vendors bring out a new performance optimiser or analyser – some how you know the marketing folks are never gonna call the product – AppSlowness, App Little Bit Quicker But Nothing Your Users Would Notice or App Monitoring Tool That Duplicates Data That Should Be In the Core Product. Anyway, you probably assuming from my comments that I don’t rate this thing – in truth I have little/no idea of what does and how it works beyond the normal guff that surrounds a product launch. But I am intrigued…


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