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Jul 8 2010   10:04AM GMT

Losers VMworld; VMworld Fringe; VMworld “Movie” Pitch

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Well, I’m going out on a limb here, because this idea could TOTALLY crash and burn!

But what the hell. If don’t get submission, I will quietly walk away. Climb under stone, and pretend I never had the idea in the first place. That it was someone else’s idea etc.etc..

Remember this idea has NOTHING to do with the real VMworld event, and VMware does not endorse this idea… But I’m hoping they think its pretty cool!

Here’s the idea. This years VMworld 2010 introduced a new voting method for submissions for the speaker slots. Whilst I was chinwagging with Eric Siebert the other week, I floated the notion of what I called the The Losers VMworld. The idea was inspired by recently close election here in the UK which resulted in our first coalition government for donkey’s years. During the smokey backroom discussions it became clear that we would have either a coalition of the Winners, or a coalition of the losers! Anyway, in the same spirit I thought it would be interesting if the people who were unsuccessful in the VMworld voting process had some other outlet for expressing their thoughts. That’s when I started thinking of the Losers VMworld! Eric was telling me that in the US they some times have 10 minute limit on presentations to keep folks focused and stop rambling – that made me think of Hollywood Movie Pitches, where folks who are seeking financial backing have to say what the movie is about in 3mins, and then promise it will make $100m a day on its first opening weekend. Conveniently, 10mins is the maximum duration of a video on YouTube.com for free accounts!

Some of my buddies on twitter have picked up on this idea and liked to the “Fringes” you sometimes get at political conferrences, and festivals – like the Edinburgh Festivals Fringe…

Anyway, I floated this idea towards some folks I know at VMware/VMworld but I didn’t hear anything back. So I thought I would run with idea on my own.

Here’s how I think it will work:

1. You create 10 minute video – ideally in flash. It’s impossible for me to check if you had submission to the official VMworld because I don’t access to that data, and in the spirit of free-speech all submissions will be welcomed. I will do some light moderation, so please keep your videos clean, and avoid vendor-slamming where possible. Remember videos must be 10mins or less to fit on to youtube…

2. Send me an email (mikelaverickATrtfm-edDOTcoDOTuk) or twitter (@mike_laverick)

3. I will send you back the url where you can copy the video (I’m using box.net and you will need a trashmail style login to get to the shared area)

4. I will upload to my YouTube Channel – You welcome to put you video where you like – after all its yours not mine. All I’m doing is acting as a point-man to collect them all in one place

5. I will also publish the video here on RTFM


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