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January, 2010

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January 28, 2010  9:09 AM

Bloggers – Chinwag with Mike?

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Hey, fellow virtualization blogger. Perhaps you're on Eric S list? Well, I have a proposal for you. Once a week I want to Video Skype with you and have a good old chinwag. What is a chinwag? Well, it’s defined as ” light...

January 28, 2010  8:49 AM

VMware in 2010: A major point release, ESXi in the enterprise and bigger VMs?

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

In this article, we eschew the normal blue-sky 2010 technology predictions for something a bit more everyday that will affect your daily virtual life. Scale up, up, up and away Firstly, it’s no surprise that by mid-year there is likely to be a major rerelease of...

January 26, 2010  8:37 AM

London VMware Usergroup 25th Feb 2010

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

I will be there in body & spirit but I wont’ be talking. I will be butting in at every moments notice with long-winded pontifications, about how wrong the world is… A message from our illustrious membership secretary, MC Al Davies… The Steering Committee...

January 24, 2010  2:27 AM

Mike’s Music: Elin Manahan Thomas – Eternal Source of Light Divine

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Well, if you follow “Mike’s Music” for a time – you know my tastes lean towards popular music of the 20th Century onwards. But very occasionally I dip my toes in the waters of the classics. Much of that comes from my partner, Carmel Edwards who a singer also (Soprano, Early English Music,...

January 22, 2010  6:51 AM

RTFM Annoucenment – Mike Laverick joins SearchVMware.com

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Well, put a bit more accurately. Over the last couple of weeks/months I’ve been in discussions with the guys at TechTarget. And I am pleased to announce that TechTarget Inc. will be acquiring the site – and me. Clearly, I can’t go into the specifics of the deal as that is commercially...

January 22, 2010  2:44 AM

Scottish VMUG vNews PowerPoints

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

This is a copy of the Scottish VMUG powerpoints where I presented my vNews to a live audience of some 80+ people. I will be following through on these powerpoints by video which you can run on-screen. But for the benefit of the audience yesteday here’s the raw PowerPoints:

January 15, 2010  12:05 PM

VCP3 Repreived; VCP4 Upgrade Deadline Extended

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

VMware have made some changes to their certification – Firstly, the VCP3 test which was due to be ended at the end of 2009 has been rescued – and won’t now be discontinued until March 31st. The reason being that there is still a signficant number of folks doing the Vi3 courses and supporting...

January 15, 2010  10:06 AM

Everybody’s at it – Annoucing CNV and MSHP

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Yes, that’s right everybody’s doing – why aren’t you? Of course, I’m not talking about sex – but about various companies all jumping into the metaphorical bed together. Yesterday, Microsoft and HP (MSHP) annouced a joint 

January 10, 2010  2:39 AM

Virtual Jay – vSphere4 Upgrade Story…

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Let me take sometime out to introduce you to pal of mine – Jay Rogers. I first met Jay at the North Carolina User Summit a couple of years back. We kept in touch by email – and bump into each other at the VMworld Events. Jay’s a really good contact of mine – as he has bit more contact with...

January 7, 2010  4:03 AM

VMWare View 3 – The “Lost” Chapter

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Just in case you have missed this – I recently had a series of articles published on searchvirtualdesktop.techtarget.com. The articles are all about VMware View. Originally, this...

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