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April, 2009

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April 30, 2009  1:32 AM

VCP vSphere4 Certification T&Cs…

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

I’ve recieved an email from VMware Education which outlines the T&Cs for VCP status for vSphere4 given the fact that people will coming from different experiences and may also have be mid-way thru a Vi3.5 certification.

April 24, 2009  1:23 AM

Up Shares; Down Shares

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

BBC Radio 4′s evening current affairs programme is called “PM”. And every evenin they have an up shares, down shares (with theme tune from Upstairs, Downstairs) covering the economy and markets in general. Well, the same tune should be playing for VMware’s Stock. Having reached a high of...

April 24, 2009  1:07 AM

Mike’s Music: Yeah Yeah Yeah – Zero

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Well, as I’m getting very elderly – I’m 40 next year – I find myself oddly drawn to the music of my past – re-interpreted by the present. I first picked up on the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah on Jools Holland’s “Later”. I tell you what I like that this vocal line is that it reminds me of Soux...

April 21, 2009  12:09 PM

vSphere 4 Ordering Date – May 21, 2009

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

This isn’t in the press release – but here: http://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere/buy/overview.html At first this post has “GA Date”. But read more closely. You will be ORDER by the 21st May, the delivery of the...

April 21, 2009  11:48 AM

Blogger Community goes crazy for vSphere4

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Well, everyone has gone nuts today blogging about vSphere – with articles and videos – all from the BETA/RELEASE CANDIDATE… not the GA, because no-one has access to that until the end of Q2 2009… All this fun stuff is linked to here:

April 21, 2009  11:42 AM

vSphere VCP Certification Upgrade

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Well, it seems to be out of the bag anyway… http://www.van-lieshout.com/2009/03/new-vmware-certifications/ Seriously, I wonder why bother signing and obeying NDAs like I do, when no-one else seems to pay a blind...

April 21, 2009  11:00 AM

vSphere Forums Open/WebCast Series Begins

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

You will be pleased to here that the vSphere forums are now publically open: http://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/vsphere In anticipation of the announcement this evening (if your in Europe) or this morning if your in...

April 17, 2009  4:20 AM

Shock! Horror! Or is it?

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Apparently, its come as a surprise to some… http://www.virtualization.info/2009/04/vsphere-40-may-not-support-some-other.html That when vSphere4 is released (ESX4/vCenter4) ALL THE OTHER PRODUCTS...

April 16, 2009  8:23 AM

Chad at VMware Partner Exchange – Cisco/EMC Keynote

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

My pal Chad is has an interesting video about the relationship between EMC/Cisco/VMware – you can download the presentationhere The video of the keynote...

April 16, 2009  2:54 AM

McKinsey Report Claims the Cloud will cost you money…

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

This ones from the register.co.uk http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/04/15/mckinsey_cloud_report/ The full report – is available here

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