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December, 2008

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December 23, 2008  11:22 AM

The Richard & Lee Show

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

My pal, Richard Garsthagen and Lee Dilworth – have put together a funky video about SRM for those who are unfamiliar with it. I’ve been down to Frimley (VMware’s location in UK) and spent sometime with Lee. He was really helpful in answering my questions.

December 22, 2008  11:56 AM

Veeam Chrimbo Present

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Just recieved my email to download Veeams early Xmas present to the VMware Community. It’s called Veeam Monitor, and does real time monitoring of Vi3. I’m currently running Vi4 on my lab kit at the moment – so once I’ve download it I will give it a try against Vi4. Nothing venture nothing...

December 22, 2008  11:31 AM

SRM DB Sizing Tool

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

I saw this XL calculator a couple of weeks ago, and its finally public. It’s an estimator for the DB size of the SRM system… I don’t want to hard-c0de a link to the XLS file itself – in case it name or location changes. Search for the text “VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Sizing...

December 22, 2008  6:57 AM

NetApp & SRM

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

I notice Scott Lowe had an interesting post on some of the requirements for NetApp and SRM to work together… http://blog.scottlowe.org/2008/12/11/3183-vmware-srm-on-netapp-storage/

December 17, 2008  5:54 AM

Veeam Xmas Present

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Those very nice people at Veeam have Xmas present just for you. Like all good presents you won’t be able to open it up until that very special day! If you have downloaded and used Veeam’s very popular FastSCP Utility you will know they have reputation for giving away juice tools for nuthin’....

December 10, 2008  10:32 AM

Dr. Libshitz Can’t Get an E-Mail Address

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

OK, I have a rather purile sense of humour but this made me snigger. It’s all about certain ISP providers blocking offence words in email addresses, even if your name is entirely innocent.

December 10, 2008  8:03 AM

Parallels slices and dices OS X with Server for Mac – VMware in the rear?

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Mac Virtualization is not something I really know that much about. Although this year when it came to buying a new laptop I did pause for a moment to consider getting a Mac with VMware Fusion. Now I wish I had, instead I got HP Laptop with Vista! Anyway, the register has a blog post about VMware...

December 9, 2008  12:31 PM

A message to Linkers and Blogposters

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

For sometime RTFM has had two domains and name spaces – the core rtfm-ed.co.uk, and the rtfm-ed.eu site. There rtfm-ed.eu was a location where I stored large files cheaply, on the more costly bandwidth restricted rtfm-ed.co.uk domain. This situation has now changed, and the rtfm-ed.eu will...

December 7, 2008  10:45 AM

Lost Post: Hyper9 Beta Invite

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

During the switch from the old to the new site, I lost a post about Hyper9. The guys there have a beta progamme – and RTFM has some been some allocated some slots for people to enter the Hyper9 beta program. Hyper9 does have a few prerequisites or requirements for potential beta...

December 7, 2008  10:28 AM

VMware Site Recovery Manager – 1.0 Update 1 Released

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Last week VMware released an update to their Site Recovery Manager product. In the main this is maintenance release, but it does introduce new additional feature and improved support. So now SRM 1.0 U1 is compatiable with the very latest version of Vi3.5 U3. SRM U1 introduces for me two new...

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