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October, 2008

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October 30, 2008  9:08 AM

RTFM Relaunch

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Well, I’ve probably guessed this already but RTFM has a new look. I employed my step-son (Nat) who is studying IT at Oxford University and his pal, Matt – to do an update. The main reason for the upgrade was to move to a different ISP who offered unlimited disk and bandwidth to the site....

October 22, 2008  5:35 AM

A Cluster of… SRM Links

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Some content is drifting out from this years VMworld which is specifically related to VMware’ Site Recovery Manager. I thought I would collate them into one handy post: Introduction to VMware Site Recovery Manager

October 20, 2008  12:00 PM

FalconStor and the Segway

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Last week I briefly noticed that David Marshall’s blog about some scenes at the FalconStor stand at this years VMworld. There was  competition to pull out off the hat to win a Segway. One condition was that you had to be wearing a bright FalconStor t-shirt. Well, it turns out the guy who won had...

October 20, 2008  2:12 AM

VC Admin Portal Technology Preview

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Now this is on vmware.com’s website in the VMware Communities > Beta Community section. It doesn’t appear like its beta programme you have to sign up to – I’m not even logged on to vmware.com and I’m seeing it. So what is the VC Admin Portal? Its web-based console that provides a...

October 20, 2008  1:30 AM

Dr Evil strikes again!

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

Hope I didn’t hurt his feelings on that blog post. Perhaps I should start by dropping the Dr Evil tag, unless it has already stuck already. Sorry Richard, I was only pulling your leg! Anyway, VMware’s Richard G has put up a video-blog post of his recent keynote at the European VForum show. In...

October 20, 2008  1:27 AM

Mike DiPetrillo is busy… Vi3 Client Downloads, Xen Vs KVM, Virtualizing Exchange 2007

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

My friend Miek DiPetrillo has been busy on his blog recently… Here’s a round up of his most interesting posts… On Preventing Access to the “Download the Vi Client” webpage: The blog post title speaks for itself!

October 20, 2008  1:18 AM

NPIV Scripts

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

I picked this one up from Chris Wolf’s blog last week. NPIV enabled fibre-channel adapters are ones that can present a WWN to the Virtual Machine. Primarily, this offers greater security when using features like RDMs – not only does the ESX host have to have a valid WWN, so does the VM. Support...

October 15, 2008  11:02 AM

Hyper-V Integration Services Requires a Newer Version of Windows Vista…

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

I spent sometime with David Davis (of happyrouter.com and virtualizationadmin.com) at this year’s VMworld. David has an interesting article about how tricky getting Vista to run on Hyper-V is… and David guides you through the work around – although I see this as interesting indication of how...

October 14, 2008  8:59 AM


MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

A couple of weeks ago I taught my first ever VMware Desktop Manager course. I was asked by the students whether direct access to the Microsoft ADAM backend was supported. It certainly is – and this PDF guide about bulk import/exports using LDF files is actually on VMware’s website:

October 14, 2008  8:51 AM

A bunch of useful PVLAN Links

MikeLaverick MikeLaverick Profile: MikeLaverick

New to Private VLANs. Me to. Something I want to learn more about for my Site Recovery Manager work and also ready for Vi4. Thanks to Steve Bradshaw (of VMware) for these links:

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