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February 24, 2009  7:15 AM

Rats coming out of the sewer

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malware, PCI, security breach

More than two years ago I mentioned on this blog the fact that large networks are likely hosting a variety of nasty things we will probably never become aware of. This is more than just...

November 18, 2008  10:06 PM

Malware hits London hospitals

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malware, Network security

It's interesting to speculate how three seperate hospital computer systems have managed to simultaneously fall victim to malware. See http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7735502.stm. Given that the rest of us have not today...

October 18, 2008  2:58 PM

Threat reports threats to credibility

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malware, Misc, Useful Links

What do you think the outcome would be if you put security experts from Symantec, McAfee, ISS, Secure Computing, and SPI Dynamics into the same room and asked them each what they'd like to see written into a report telling the world what the latest Cyber Security Threats are? The result is the

October 13, 2008  5:00 PM

Learning from the lessons learnt the hard way by others

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malware, Network security, Security management

I don't harbour any illusion that the misfortune of others, frequently commented on within this blog, couldn't end up also occuring to me within my own organisation. It would be foolish to think otherwise. Some of the incidents listed on resources such as The...

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August 26, 2008  7:20 AM

Best Western and lessons for us all

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malware, Security management

The actual scope of the Best Western data breach is open to speculation. The Sunday Herald scoop was that "stolen login details were..put up for sale and shared on an underground website operated by a...

June 22, 2008  7:46 PM

AV industry sucks

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malware, Network security

So says the CEO of Trend Micro, Eva Chen, in this new interview where she describes how a cloud-client architecture is the solution to stop malware.

It's good to finally see one of the large...

March 16, 2008  3:25 PM

Malware in MP3 players

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malware, Network security

Following on from the story about dodgy Cisco hardware, it seems that some of our popular consumer electronic gadgets such as MP3 players and digital picture frames are infected with malware before they even leave the factory. A number of online news sources are running the same story as reported...

March 14, 2008  6:00 AM

Malware still the biggest threat

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anti-malware, IPS, malware, Network security

It's reckoned that two million new strains of malware, or five every two minutes, will emerge onto the Internet this year. That doesn't include the 15 to 20 new Trojans released every hour. These are the figures reported by Kaspersky in an article in the...

February 10, 2008  6:00 AM

Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization

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AMTSO, malware

More than 40 security software technologists and anti-malware testers from around the world recently met in Bilbao, Spain to formalize the charter of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization, or AMTSO. The formation of AMTSO has been driven by industry-wide concern about the increasing...

January 14, 2008  6:00 AM

What CIOs should be doing about security in 2008

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malware, Strategy, Virtualization, VoIP

If CIOs are going to make the most of opportunities for using IT to fuel business transformations, and become engaged in experimentation with PaaS, SaaS, virtual worlds, Web 2.0 and the full realm of other new and emerging technologies then Information Security must become an embedded and...

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