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April 6, 2009  9:23 AM

PCI at the House of Representatives

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From Computerworld.

At a U.S. House of Representatives hearing yesterday, federal lawmakers and representatives of the retail industry challenged the...

March 17, 2009  9:30 AM

Top 5 Information Security Annoyances

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Compliance, PCI, Risk assessment, security awareness

I'm generally a tolerant and easy going sort of person. There's a fairly short list of things that get my goat. For instance, our local doctors surgery has a call queuing system with 6 different options. However, I know for a fact that there's only one person working...

February 24, 2009  7:15 AM

Rats coming out of the sewer

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malware, PCI, security breach

More than two years ago I mentioned on this blog the fact that large networks are likely hosting a variety of nasty things we will probably never become aware of. This is more than just...

January 5, 2009  9:30 AM

Licence to practice information security?

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certification, Compliance, Security management

Here in the UK, you need a licence to drive a car, or watch television. You also  need a licence to go fishing. You don't need a licence to have a child - unless you want to adopt or foster somebody elses. In those circumstances you have to undergo a thorough assessment of everything from...

October 17, 2008  7:00 AM

Storage Expo emphasis on data protection and security

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Compliance, Security management

storageexpo.gifI had a good day yesterday at the

October 3, 2008  8:00 AM

Virgin Media data breach highlights the powers of the ICO

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Compliance, Security management

The news that Virgin Media have experienced a data breach is not so interesting as the consequences (see full story here).

On reporting the loss of a CD containing 3000 unencrypted customer records, the...

September 12, 2008  8:30 AM

PCI Compliance – dispelling some common myths

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Compliance, Network security, Security management

I was supposed to be in Paris today, auditing various PCI related things. Unfortunately, the fire in the Channel Tunnel has put paid to those particular plans. Not that I'm too upset - I'm rather reluctant to travel too far right now because...

September 4, 2008  9:00 AM

M&S ‘whisleblower’ gets the sack

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Compliance, Misc, Security management

A worker at Marks & Spencer (M&S) has been sacked after telling the media that the company planned to cut redundancy pay to staff.

See http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7595969.stm

According to The...

September 3, 2008  8:15 AM

Stronger penalties needed to force better data handling – I don’t think so

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Compliance, Security management

An article by Ron Cond

July 9, 2008  8:00 AM

The Coleman Report – An Independant Review of Government Information Assurance

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Compliance, Network security, Security management

The Cabinet Office recently commissioned Nick Coleman, an Independent reviewer of Information Assurance for the UK government , to report back on how well the Government is doing when it comes to protecting and handling information.

The result of that review, The Coleman Report, can...

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