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April, 2008

April 30, 2008  6:00 AM

Traffic stats and the top 10 blogs

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This is the 300th published entry onto this blog. I thought it might be interesting to do a quick review of how many visitors it's getting, where you are all coming from and what the most popular postings have been over the past 12 months. Traffic figures are pretty good - weekly page views are...

April 29, 2008  3:30 PM

Portable Identity and the BBC

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We've spoken about OpenID before on this blog (see entries from 9 Feb 2008 and 7 Feb 2007) and I've been...

April 28, 2008  1:00 PM

Petty local government bureaucracy alive and well!

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In September of this year my daughter will be moving schools. The local council need a copy of her birth certificate as confirmation of her identity. This is despite the fact that her birth certificate was originally produced for the same council less than a year ago for the same purpose before she...

April 28, 2008  7:00 AM

On trial – role of the CISO

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It was fun to be in the dock as one of the defendants in the mock trial of A N Corporate at Infosec last week. I acted the role of the hapless and rather impotent CISO working for an overbearing CIO. There was a serious point to the exercise though - those...

April 24, 2008  7:41 PM

Nigerian 419 scam on LinkedIn

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Security management

Researchers from BitDefender have detected that social networks are the newest medium for Nigerian "4-1-9" scams...In the most recent outbreak of the Nigerian scam -- an advance fee fraud that is estimated to gross hundreds of millions of dollars annually -- the scam letter is sent as a LinkedIn or...

April 22, 2008  6:58 PM

Reindeer meat and a new industry portal

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Bevaviosec, Pinoptic

It was good to bump into many familiar faces around Infosec at Olympia today. In fact, it was a good day, period. I encountered one of the event team soon after arriving who was positively beaming about the great start this years event had gotten off to. I'm slightly biased, after all, I work for...

April 21, 2008  7:19 PM

We are the weakest link

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Passwords, Physical security

Many things to do with security can be changed: you can change the firewall settings, you can change the locks, you can change process, you can change policy. What you cannot change is human nature. That's why there are still stories in the press (read

April 20, 2008  8:13 AM

Clear communications

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Security management

For most people, discussions on information security are "filled with strange names and words that would be gibberish in any other context." In fact, I lifted that quote from todays Sunday Times...

April 15, 2008  8:00 AM

Infosec Europe

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Only a week to go until this years Infosec Europe at Olympia. The program this year looks, in my opinion, to be the best yet including input from some well known industry names such as Bruce Schneier, Alan Paller, as well as my fellow bloggers David Lacey...

April 14, 2008  12:00 PM

Positive Approach to Security Requests

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Security management

I'm glad to see that Gartner have taken my advice from last September and in a new research note entitled "Tutorial on How to Move Beyond Security Awareness to Create a...

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