Risk Management with Stuart King and Duncan Hart:

September, 2007

September 29, 2007  7:00 AM

Importance of logs

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logs, Network monitoring

There's an old episode of Blackadder Goes Forth where Baldrick proudly presents a bullet into which he's carved his own name. His reasoning being that if he is in possession of the bullet that has his name on, then nobody else will be able to shoot him with it. It's that sort of logic which...

September 27, 2007  6:30 PM

LinkedIn Article

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An excellent article on the perils of social networking with LinkedIn in the latest edition of [in]secure magazine.

September 27, 2007  5:30 PM

Infosec Podcasts

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Infosec, Podcast, Wireless

If you're familiar with the Infosec Europe show, held annually at Olympia, then you'll know that it always attracts an impressive line-up of expert speakers over the course of the three days. It's always seemed a shame that there hasn't been anything between events to engage the interest of those...

September 26, 2007  6:00 AM

PCI Compliant? Let’s focus on security instead…

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Compliance, nuts, PCI

I was pondering on whether or not to go to the PCI DSS conference. I've decided not to go because, frankly, I think the whole thing is now becoming a big waste of air. So many people are now...

September 25, 2007  5:55 AM

Insider Threat

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Insider threat, Logic bomb, Malicious code

Somebody showed me a magazine article a few days ago about the "threat within" and ask me if I was concerned and considered it a risk for my own organisation. It would be a foolish security manager who didn't consider the insider risk. I judge the risk here using two measures. 1. Using the common...

September 24, 2007  6:00 AM

Sacked for using eBay – what a waste of time…

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Security management

Neath Port Talbot Council last week sacked a worker for using eBay during office hours. What an absolute waste of time and effort that whole process must have been. How many years have people spent filing their nails, gossiping, staring out of the window, smoking, drinking coffee and otherwise not...

September 22, 2007  8:00 AM

Salesforce.com – Is that the way we all go?

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Salesforce.com ushers in a new era of on-demand success with the industry's first platform as a service (PaaS). With the Force.com platform, you can build any application, any database, any logic, and run it all on demand on our trusted, secure infrastructure. Now salesforce.com allows...

September 20, 2007  8:37 PM

Data Protection Act – What’s the Damage?

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Compliance, DPA

One of the interesting points somebody made earlier on this week was about the difficulty individuals face in this country, if they feel so inclined, to claim damages against an organisation under the terms of the data protection act. The point was explained as follows: Individuals can sue under...

September 19, 2007  6:00 AM

Gartner IT Security Summit – Day 2

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Security management

The down-side of spending a couple of days sitting through presentations from people offering enlightenment as to how you can be more effective in your job, is that you end up feeling like you've not been doing your job very well. Listening to Les Stevens of Gartner discuss "The Art of Policy...

September 18, 2007  6:00 AM

Gartner IT Security Summit – day 1

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I'm back from a good first day at the Gartner IT Security Summit being held in London. Two of the sessions I attended were particularly good. Firstly, there was Richard Hunter of Gartner who presented on "IT Risk: Turning Business...

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