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April, 2007

April 10, 2007  7:00 AM

Useful Links

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Useful Links

Some of the links referenced on this blog over the past few months. Note: I do not endorse nor necessarily agree with the opinions, products, or comments posted on any of the referenced links. David Lacey:

April 9, 2007  6:00 AM

Hacking with Metasploit

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Hacking, Metasploit

I'm no hacker but not so long ago I was invited to participate in a "capture the flag" contest. This is where groups of bespectacled, potato-chip munching, pizza eating individuals attempt to be the first to exploit vulnerabilities on a target computer system. I was fortunate enough to be paired up...

April 4, 2007  6:48 PM

Rats in a sewer – Pt2.

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This refers to a blog entry I posted early in January. My good friend, Bryan Fite, has posted a comment and I didn't want to let it pass un-noticed because I think he makes an important - and...

April 4, 2007  5:28 PM

NT4 Security

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H-IPS, Network security, NT4

The very first time I put finger to keyboard on a task to write some useful code was whilst serving in the RAF back in the early nineties. Judging by the decision made by the MOD to extend the life of the RAF's NT4 network (see article as reported in Computer Weekly

April 3, 2007  11:00 PM

Crime and security

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Security management

I've been following the story of Gary McKinnon, the chap who is facing extradition to the States as a result of his hacking into a US government computer system on the hunt for UFO evidence. I'm not sympathetic, his was a targeted attack...

April 3, 2007  9:58 AM

Application logging

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Very useful article about application level logging here on SecurityFocus: http://www.securityfocus.com/infocus/1888/1. In my experience this is an oft forgotten aspect of product security, usually implemented as an afterthought or in...

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