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October 20, 2015  8:58 PM

VMworld 2015 in Barcelona: Taking Risk is the Lowest-Risk Corporate Strategy According to VMware CEO

Bernt Ostergaard Bernt Ostergaard Profile: Bernt Ostergaard
Dell, vmworld2015, VWware

Competition today is about speed
The message to corporate IT shops from VMworld 2015 in Barcelona was that VMware intends to unify the hybrid cloud environment to allow any device to access any app on any public or private cloud - securely. The message to business was that...

October 23, 2014  9:31 AM

BMC – turnaround or more of the same?

Clive Longbottom Clive Longbottom Profile: Clive Longbottom
BMC, Cloud Computing, Dell, Distributed computing, IBM, information technology, ServiceNow, Software as a Service

A little over a year ago, BMC was not looking good.  It had a portfolio of good, but tired technology and was failing to move with the times.  Internal problems at various levels in the company were leading to high levels of employee churn.  Things did not look...

June 26, 2014  10:05 AM

What is happening to the boring world of storage?

Clive Longbottom Clive Longbottom Profile: Clive Longbottom
Dell, EMC, IBM, PCI Express, SanDisk, ScaleIO, VeloBit

Storage suddenly seems to have got interesting again.  As the interest moves from increasing spin speeds and applying ever more intelligent means to get a disk head over the right part of a disk in the fastest possible time to flash-based systems where completely...

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