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October, 2016

October 31, 2016  9:48 AM

When IT goes critical

Bob Tarzey Profile: Bob Tarzey

A new Quocirca research report, Masters of Machines III, sponsored by operational intelligence tools vendor Splunk, shows that European organisations are suffering an average of three critical IT...

October 27, 2016  7:36 AM

Business Continuity and networking resilience

Rob Bamforth Rob Bamforth Profile: Rob Bamforth
Business Continuity, Resilience

Problematic events happen and organisations need to be able to cope when things go wrong. Business resilience has always required organisations to consider many diverse elements - premises, people, suppliers, equipment and tools. However, IT has become such an important component of almost every...

October 24, 2016  8:22 AM

The shape of things to come – advanced networking security for the IoT

Bob Tarzey Profile: Bob Tarzey

There is all sort of potential for IoT-related (Internet of Things) applications to streamline business processes and provide new ways of interacting with customers. This was recognised by a cross section of industry sectors surveyed in a new Quocirca report that covered the UK and German speaking...

October 20, 2016  8:19 AM

Red Hat – the open source conglomerate

Bob Tarzey Profile: Bob Tarzey

As successful companies grow, they accumulate products; new ones are developed and additional ones are acquired. Managing diverse portfolios is a challenge, not least when it comes to putting it all together on a single presentation slide to make it appear there is an overall coherent product...

October 17, 2016  10:41 AM

The Yahoo hack – a numbers game

Bob Tarzey Profile: Bob Tarzey

Have you got a Yahoo email account? Was it one of the 500 million accounts compromised by the breach disclosed by Yahoo in September 2016? Does it matter if it was? Those who use Yahoo to provide their principal email account should have been concerned by...

October 13, 2016  7:07 AM

Nok Nok adds a risk engine for FIDO driven authentication

Bob Tarzey Profile: Bob Tarzey

In February 2014, Quocirca reviewed the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) standard for authenticating consumers to web service providers (I am not a dog, FIDO a new standard for user...

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October 11, 2016  12:55 PM

DRM 2.0

Bob Tarzey Profile: Bob Tarzey

There nothing new about the need for digital rights management (DRM). However, what DRM tools are expected to achieve has changed over the last decade or so. DRM aims to limit what can be done with copy-righted and sensitive material through asserting access controls. Such material has become...

October 10, 2016  9:52 AM

Observations from Hitachi Strategy Session day.

Clive Longbottom Clive Longbottom Profile: Clive Longbottom

Hitachi-EH5000-e1342006114266Hitachi recently invited around 40 analysts and influencers to an event...

October 7, 2016  1:03 PM

A ‘Smart’ Product is not a ‘Smart’ Solution

Bernt Ostergaard Bernt Ostergaard Profile: Bernt Ostergaard

The term ‘smart’ suggests that a product helps the user solve an everyday problem. However, solutions to problems mostly require a number of different man-machine systems to interact. they must register, analyse, take action and monitor outcomes. Data from health monitors data needs to feed...

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