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November, 2015

November 30, 2015  11:25 AM

Store Wars – The Purse Awakens

Rob Bamforth Rob Bamforth Profile: Rob Bamforth
Australia, credit card, MasterCard, Paypal, United Kingdom

In the history of mobile payments, it seems that much has been promised, many technologies and innovations have appeared, but a universal payment system still seems far, far away. Yes we have PayPal...

November 26, 2015  4:22 PM

Containing the application security problem

Bob Tarzey Profile: Bob Tarzey

The benefit of containers for the easy, efficient and portable deployment of applications has become more and more apparent in recent years, especially where application development and delivery is continuous through a DevOps-style process. The trend has been helped by the availability of open...

November 23, 2015  2:06 PM

FireEye – Ninja of Incidence Response

Bernt Ostergaard Bernt Ostergaard Profile: Bernt Ostergaard

When a bank is attacked by armed robbers intent on stealing money, public sympathy is with the bank. When the same robbers return over the Internet to steal the bank's customer information, public sentiment turns against the bank. Similarly network security companies providing DDoS protection or...

November 17, 2015  8:05 AM

A simpler online life: trusted use of your social identity

Bob Tarzey Profile: Bob Tarzey

We are being increasingly asked to use our established social identities as a source of trust for communicating with a range of online services. Is this a good idea, is it safe and, if we go ahead, which ones should we choose to use? This needs consideration from both the consumer and the...

November 16, 2015  2:00 PM

Digital Disruption: Future Opportunities for the Print Industry

Louella Fernandes Louella Fernandes Profile: Louella Fernandes
iot, Managed print services, print

Printer vendors are having to make major changes to their business models to sustain their leadership and relevance. Long term survival will depend on their...

November 10, 2015  2:37 PM

TARDIS analysis – X-Determinate (and Y, Z and T)

Clive Longbottom Clive Longbottom Profile: Clive Longbottom

November 3, 2015  8:33 AM

Text messaging 4 businesses – the rise of the machines

Rob Bamforth Rob Bamforth Profile: Rob Bamforth
A2P, Google, icq, Internet, IOS, IP address, Skype, Viber, WIndows Phone

Now that so many people have smartphones, mobile network data plans have become more generous and instant messaging has sprouted everywhere from being embedded in social networks to tools like 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

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