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July, 2013

July 29, 2013  1:39 PM

Violin Memory – playing your tune?

Clive Longbottom Clive Longbottom Profile: Clive Longbottom
Flash memory, IBM, MLC, solid-state drive, toshiba, Violin Memory

Quocirca has been talking with a number of storage vendors over the past few months.  All of them are talking about the part flash memory will...

July 19, 2013  3:12 PM

A flash in the SAN?

Clive Longbottom Clive Longbottom Profile: Clive Longbottom
DRAM, IBM, IOPS, solid-state drive, Violin Memory, XtremIO

Persistent storage has changed little over the years.  Sure, there has been a move away from tape to disk, and direct attached storage (DAS) has moved to storage area networks (SANs) and 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

July 17, 2013  8:45 AM

VDI – very disruptive idiocy?

Clive Longbottom Clive Longbottom Profile: Clive Longbottom

The promise of VDI - virtual desktop infrastructure - is theoretically sound.  Call it thin client computing, server-based computing or whatever - the idea is good.  The capability to host and manage a person's desktop centrally while allowing them access to it from any...

July 10, 2013  9:33 AM

A report from the Eskenzi PR 2013 IT Security Analysts and CISO Forum

Bob Tarzey Profile: Bob Tarzey

At the recent IT Security Analysts Forum in London, organised by Eskenzi PR, one could be forgiven for thinking that the dozen or so vendors represented were all fierce competitors. Their high-level taglines all sounded pretty...

July 2, 2013  2:00 PM

UCaaS – Alcatel-Lucent Recasts PC As The Personal Cloud

Bernt Ostergaard Bernt Ostergaard Profile: Bernt Ostergaard
Alcatel-Lucent, UCaaS, Video conferencing

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