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December 2, 2019  1:21 PM

How an IP proxy network enables brands to view the internet thru customers’ eyes

Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja Profile: Jaideep Khanduja
Ecommerce, Proxy

If you are in e-retail or e-commerce business at whatever scale, this article is for you. In today's business culture and market dynamics, almost no e-commerce business can survive without using an IP proxy network. In simple terms, what can an 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

November 10, 2019  9:49 PM

Why an Internal/In-house Proxy Operation Is No Longer Viable?

Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja Profile: Jaideep Khanduja

There is a misconception among enterprises that operate their own server network in the cloud. They believe that having access to global IP distribution helps them a lot. It doesn't. I am writing this so that the CEOs and CTOs/CIOs of such enterprises will understand the reason for stating this...

October 28, 2019  7:13 PM

IP Proxy Network To Strengthen Your Business @luminati_io

Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja Profile: Jaideep Khanduja
Internet protocol, Open source, Proxy

In July 2019, Frost & Sullivan published a report 'Global IP Proxy Networks Market'. The crux of the report is IP proxy network is going to be a major determinant in the existence and growth of any online business. The global market of IP Proxy Network standing at a figure of $76 million...

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