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August 30, 2018  10:21 PM

Do You Set Customer As A Reference Point To Set Your Priorities?

Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja Profile: Jaideep Khanduja

Any business that has set its customer as a reference point to set its priorities never fails. Any other priorities will lead to a disaster. The best way is to assess each activity that is done in the organization. If it is adding a value to the customer, it makes sense. Otherwise, it is a waste of...

June 16, 2017  11:49 PM

Empty Chair Concept Is A Wonderful Example of Customer Obsession

Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja Profile: Jaideep Khanduja
Amazon, customer, Wipro

Amazon's Empty Chair Concept is a wonderful example of customer obsession. In every meeting that happens in Amazon one chair is empty and that chair is the chairperson of the meeting. In fact, it is indicative. And it indicates Customer. Hence, in every meeting in Amazon, the customer is of utmost...

April 5, 2015  11:13 AM

Show Hunger For Your Product (Or Service) Feedback From Your Customer

Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja Profile: Jaideep Khanduja
customer, Customer feedback

Long time back I read somewhere - A kingdom is as good as its king. If it comes to product/ service and customer, it could be redefined as - A product or service is as powerful as its customers. Your customer, whether one time or regular, whether small value or high value, whether a potential buyer...

February 28, 2015  2:01 AM

Role Of A Project Manager During Release Phase

Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja Profile: Jaideep Khanduja
Communication, customer, Project management, Project Manager, Release management

Release phase of a project is one of the most customer intensive phases where for each release you have to take a final sign off from customer. The release might be of final documents submitted to the customer, training imparted to key users regarding product usage or the product handover. There...

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