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February 28, 2015  1:04 AM

Role Of A Project Manager In Development Phase

Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja Profile: Jaideep Khanduja
Agile development, Application development, Project management

As discussed in my previous post, a project manager is supposed to carry various hats and has to be smart enough to understand which hat to wear in the respective phase of a project. When a project is in the development phase, a project manager has to act more than a development manager for various...

September 15, 2014  9:36 PM

Do You Replace Your Business App Before It Is Rusted

Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja Profile: Jaideep Khanduja
Application development, Development, requirements

Each application passes through a lifecycle of its own once it goes live. The lifecycle of an application after it goes live is somewhat similar to a newborn child. Let us see how it goes.

  • Child conceived, App conceptualized. Child develops inside the womb, Application developed. Mother...

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