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January 12, 2011  8:17 AM

Advisers foretold ID’s doom

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Data sharing, database state, government and PR, Government IT, ID cards, IT and security, poor communications, privacy, project failures, transparency and accountability

The Identity Card Scheme offers a lesson in the infeasibility of IT systems held to political ransom. The cost of failure was too high for the Labour government. So the Home Office pressed on Quixotically with the system, despite never overcoming its critical weaknesses.

The picture...

November 25, 2010  5:31 PM

DirectGov spunks £200m

mballard2 Profile: mballard2
Government IT, politics, project failures, Sir Humphrey, social inclusion, spin, £6bn Tory savings

Has DirectGov really spent £200m producing websites, Jerry Fishenden, LSE fop, former Microsoft suit, and general man about town, asked last year.

Since Fishenden had asked the question via Twitter of Sir Bonar-Neville Kingdom, the ostensible Data Sharing Czar...

July 7, 2010  11:40 AM

NPfIT is virtually dead says NHS Trust

tcollins1 Profile: tcollins1
Government IT, NPfIT, project failures

Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust has commissioned a review of its IT strategy in view of what it calls the "virtual demise" of the NPfIT, the National Programme for IT in the NHS.

An executive paper to the Trust's Board in June 2010 shows how little impression the NPfIT has...

June 22, 2010  7:05 AM

Any need for Summary Care Record?

tcollins1 Profile: tcollins1
NPfIT, Outsourcing, politics, project failures, Project management

           - "The SCR was based on an unresearched and unverified need."

           - It will be "next to impossible to keep SCR database accurately...

June 17, 2010  8:20 AM

Clinicians may not access summary care records – today’s UCL report

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NPfIT, Outsourcing, politics, project failures, Project management, Whitehall near anarchy

An evaluation of the summary care records scheme by researchers at University College London has concluded that:

"Benefits of centrally-stored electronic summary records seem more subtle and...

June 16, 2010  3:00 PM

Choose and Book denies cancer patient an appointment, saying he’s dead

tcollins1 Profile: tcollins1
NPfIT, Outsourcing, politics, poor communications, project failures, Whitehall near anarchy

The danger of wrong data on an NPfIT system: a man with cancer couldn't make an appointment because a local Choose and Book system showed he was dead.

The Daily Mail reports the story under the headline:

"Sorry, you can't have an...

June 16, 2010  1:30 PM

Is summary care record being reviewed because all IT-based projects are being reviewed?

tcollins1 Profile: tcollins1
Outsourcing, politics, project failures, Project management, Sir Humphrey

When NPfIT minister Simon Burns declared in a letter to the BMA that the government was reviewing the summary care records scheme, his announcement came at a good time: GPs were voting...

June 15, 2010  7:00 AM

Highlights of confidential UCL report on summary care records

tcollins1 Profile: tcollins1
NPfIT, politics, poor communications, project failures, Project management, Sir Humphrey, transparency and accountability


A report by University College London on the summary care record scheme is expected to be published on Thursday.

Today this blog publishes highlights from a draft of the UCL SCR report.

It'll be interesting to compare...

June 9, 2010  3:30 PM

Will the Government overturn an original NPfIT objective?

tcollins1 Profile: tcollins1
NPfIT, Outsourcing, project failures, Project management

The Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has hinted today that he'd prefer a "plurality of information providers" which, if applied to the NPfIT, would indicate a fundamental shift away from the two local service providers BT and CSC.

Between them CSC and BT have LSP contracts worth...

June 9, 2010  1:19 PM

Will Coalition scrap opt-out model for summary care records?

tcollins1 Profile: tcollins1
Data sharing, database state, NPfIT, Outsourcing, project failures

Pulse magazine says the BMA is confident it can convince the new government to order a new opt-in model for summary care records.

Opt-in is likely to mean that patients would give their consent to having their medical details uploaded to the national Oracle database which is run...

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