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October 2, 2012  7:00 AM

MPs get in a funk over open source

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Government IT, Open Standards & Open Source, politics, project failures

June 19, 2012  9:09 AM

Soldiers nail data for agile offensive on $6bn cock-up

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Agile, project failures

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June 7, 2012  1:40 PM

CSC finance director exits as fraud probe hits UK

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NPfIT, project failures

A CSC finance director has quit, while a number of his peers face disciplinary action intended to stamp out accounting problems that have drawn the attention of US regulators.

It emerged last week that a year-long investigation, which has already lead to purges of finance departments in...

February 22, 2012  2:32 PM

Southwest One emits hot air after near-collapse

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local government, Outsourcing, Procurement, project failures, South West One

Failed IBM outsourcing venture Southwest One became a cause célèbre in Somerset last week, with the council leader damning it so loudly he almost sounded like he might do something about it.

But it was all hot air. And it had the stink of opportunism, what with Somerset being in the...

January 27, 2012  12:24 PM

Cosy cloud coterie snuggles into top nob govIT jobs

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G-Cloud, Government IT, Outsourcing, project failures, SMEs, South West One

Mmmmmits snug at the top. Especially if you're Julian David, IBM's top UK salesman, who last week was picked to be Director General of Intellect, the ICT oligopoly's trade association.

It's only three years since David bagged the

December 31, 2011  11:59 PM

What a NHSIT year for CSC

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Electronic Care Records, Government IT, NPfIT, Outsourcing, Procurement, project failures

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November 3, 2011  2:46 PM

US military issues agile and open standards orders after ERP disasters

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Agile, Government IT, Open Standards & Open Source, project failures, standards

US Marine Camel.pngThe world's most muscular military machine is still operating on creaky old computer systems...

September 20, 2011  11:46 AM

How FiRe Control burned £494m hole in public finances

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Government IT, Procurement, project failures, Project management, standardization of Government IT

MPs published yet another account of bodge and splurge in government IT today. It was a familiar story. But one that for once had lessons for the coalition government.

The topic of today's autopsy was the stinking carcass left from the last government's IT-led reform of Fire and Rescue...

August 3, 2011  12:33 PM

Agile in the NHS: 10 years, £5bn and still not finished

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Agile, Electronic Care Records, NPfIT, project failures

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May 25, 2011  9:48 AM

Suppliers tell parliament NHSIT stories

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Government IT, NPfIT, Outsourcing, project failures

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