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August 5, 2011  5:03 PM

A message from Bill Gates: thank you Mr Cameron

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government and PR, Open Standards & Open Source, Software Freedom

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January 12, 2011  8:17 AM

Advisers foretold ID’s doom

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Data sharing, database state, government and PR, Government IT, ID cards, IT and security, poor communications, privacy, project failures, transparency and accountability

The Identity Card Scheme offers a lesson in the infeasibility of IT systems held to political ransom. The cost of failure was too high for the Labour government. So the Home Office pressed on Quixotically with the system, despite never overcoming its critical weaknesses.

The picture...

November 27, 2009  10:40 AM

Government plans for US-style IT openness – by 2020

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government and PR, transparency and accountability

A government IT strategy to be launched next month promises more transparency on major projects, according to a draft copy seen by

"By 2020, we will follow the lead of the Office of...

September 10, 2009  5:30 AM

Coyness over ‘open tender’ KPMG health contract – a systemic problem surfaces?

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government and PR, politics, poor communications, Project management, transparency and accountability

The Department of Health has increased the number of its press officers from 26 in 2006/7 to 31 in 2008/9, according to a reply given to FOI campaigner Heather Brooke.

Some FOI details on...

August 10, 2009  12:40 PM

Whitehall dismisses Tory review report of NHS IT

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government and PR, NPfIT, politics, poor communications, project failures, Project management

The Tories are due today to publish the results of a review of the NPfIT, led by Dr Glyn Hayes, former chairman of the British Computer Society's Health Informatics Forum.

Dr Hayes, chairman of the review,...

August 6, 2009  10:00 AM

HMRC to offshore tax work? Follow-ups by Times, Telegraph and Mail

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government and PR, HMRC, Outsourcing, politics, Project management

The Times, Daily Telegraph and

July 29, 2009  2:10 PM

Homerton rejects FOI NPfIT request

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freedom of information, government and PR, NPfIT, politics, poor communications, Project management

Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is important to the public image of the NPfIT. It's arguably as important to PR on the NHS IT scheme as Alastair Campbell was to Tony Blair's administration.

MPs on the

April 16, 2009  4:40 PM

Treasury silent on its mistake over £7bn DII project

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government and PR, transparency and accountability

With alacrity, ministers and some senior civil servants regularly criticise the media for not checking facts properly. And now the Treasury has made a basic mistake in a formal report on the £7bn Defence Information Infrastructure.

On the first page of the part of the...

February 23, 2009  1:00 PM

OGC loses FOI ID Cards battle – does it care?

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government and PR, legal actions, spin, transparency and accountability

The BBC reports that "ministers have been ordered to publish two reviews into the controversial ID Cards scheme after a four-year Freedom of Information Battle".

This is true. But the BBC doesn't mention that the two...

January 6, 2009  12:36 PM

12 most visited pages on IT Projects blog in 2008

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government and PR, NPfIT, Outsourcing

1) Fujitsu to withdraw from the NPfIT - what happens now? 

Summary: Only a week ago a deal aimed at rescuing the NHS's National Programme for IT in the south...

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