Public Sector IT:

May, 2013

May 31, 2013  1:05 PM

Pull out and keep our guide to UK gov IT failures

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Cabinet Office...</p>
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May 28, 2013  5:56 PM

ICT cuts in doubt after G-Cloud goes critical

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A government pledge to cut £1.4bn off its computing costs has lost its footing after a key scheme behind the target was fingered over its near failure.

The Cabinet Office G-Cloud scheme was meant to be the main instrument of its cost-cutting plan, aside from a temporary budget freeze...

May 17, 2013  12:32 PM

DWP drops agile from flagship government software project

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The Department for Work and Pensions has dropped a coalition government scheme to avert software disasters from its £2bn Universal Credit programme.

The DWP gave up using the "agile" method of software development for Universal Credit, the coalition government's flaghsip reform...

May 14, 2013  11:04 AM

NHS watchdog commandeers data in bid to stimulate privatization

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May 1, 2013  4:19 PM

Somerset dodges questions over its throttling of IBM outsource

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