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April, 2012

April 26, 2012  1:34 PM

FOI shows bureaucratic bungle behind open standards u-turn

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Government IT, Open Standards & Open Source, politics, standards, transparency and accountability

Standards institutions persisted in their opposition to the UK's open standards policy after Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude reassured them their fears about it were unfounded, according to letters released to Computer Weekly under Freedom of Information.

The revelation raises...

April 24, 2012  4:49 PM

Labour IT mandarins make comeback bid for global transformation

mballard2 Profile: mballard2
Government IT, Open Standards & Open Source, politics, standardization of Government IT, standards, transparency and accountability

The last Labour government's "Transformational Government" project has been rebirthed in California as a plan for world-wide reform of seismic proportions.

Four leading emissaries of the initiative teamed up in London this month to argue against the UK's open standards policy and have...

April 13, 2012  4:50 PM

Proprietary lobby triumphs in first open standards showdown

mballard2 Profile: mballard2
Open Standards & Open Source, standardization of Government IT, standards

Software patent heavyweights piled into the first public meeting of the Cabinet Office consultation on open standards on 4 April, conquering the meeting ballot with a resounding call to scrap the government's policy on open standards.

Open source and open standards campaigners...

April 5, 2012  3:38 PM

CSC paints NHS rosy for Wall Street

mballard2 Profile: mballard2

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