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September, 2011

September 22, 2011  2:19 PM

DoH deploys flimflam in battle for hearts and minds

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The Department of Health dramatically announced a non-story today, pausing from its negotiations with disfavoured ICT suppliers to publicly condemn - again - the computer systems they supplied under the National Programme for IT.

The department

September 20, 2011  11:46 AM

How FiRe Control burned £494m hole in public finances

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Government IT, Procurement, project failures, Project management, standardization of Government IT

MPs published yet another account of bodge and splurge in government IT today. It was a familiar story. But one that for once had lessons for the coalition government.

The topic of today's autopsy was the stinking carcass left from the last government's IT-led reform of Fire and Rescue...

September 12, 2011  2:33 PM

Police chiefs get FOI spirit

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freedom of information, transparency and accountability

Time to check down the back of the sofa for the police ICT strategy. First the Home Office said it didn't have the plans. That was after the home secretary announced them. Now police chiefs can't find them either - and after they said they had them.

Lord Wasserman, the strategy's...

September 1, 2011  4:01 PM

What secrecy did for European procurement

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Government IT, Open Standards & Open Source, Procurement, standardization of Government IT, transparency and accountability

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