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July, 2011

July 19, 2011  7:26 AM

G-Cloud goes AWOL

mballard2 Profile: mballard2
freedom of information, G-Cloud, Government IT, Outsourcing, transparency and accountability

The coalition government is only applying its transparency programme where the release of information might be convenient.

That explains why Cabinet Office has refused to publish...

July 18, 2011  2:21 PM

Transparency skin deep for IDv2.0

mballard2 Profile: mballard2
freedom of information, ID cards, IDv2.0, Sir Humphrey, spin, transparency and accountability

The thing rendered most transparent by the Cabinet Office transparency programme is the transparency programme itself: you can see right through it.

This became apparent when Prime Minister David Cameron dropped his pants over the News International phone hacking scandal. The government...

July 18, 2011  1:58 PM

Cabinet Office refuses disclosure of IDv2.0 plans

mballard2 Profile: mballard2
freedom of information, ID cards, IDv2.0, Sir Humphrey, transparency and accountability

So much for the "astonishing speed" with which the Prime Minister David Cameron and his Deputy Nick Clegg said technology was "spreading information" and "decentralising power" when they launched their transparency programme in May 2010. They were going to strengthen the FOI Act. What is really...

July 13, 2011  12:23 PM

Bristol restarts open source pilot

mballard2 Profile: mballard2
Government IT, local government, Open Standards & Open Source, SMEs, standardization of Government IT, standards

Who can have stepped in to rescue the pioneering open source pilot at Bristol City Council after it collapsed amid alarming allegations that...

July 12, 2011  9:52 AM

Police ICT privatisation kettles coalition strategy

mballard2 Profile: mballard2
Government IT, Open Standards & Open Source, Outsourcing

If you were to look up the UK's most senior police chief and the home secretary on the Police National Database you should not be surprised to score a hit. Because their recent speeches on police ICT were well suspect.

They were also completely at odds with what Cabinet Office experts...

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