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August, 2009

August 28, 2009  3:15 PM

Is Fujitsu’s predicted decline out of line with market?

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ID cards, Outsourcing

Fujitsu has announced that it is cutting 1,200 UK jobs, equivalent to 10% of its UK workforce, reports Ovum.

Fujitsu predicts a decline in revenue of 7% in the UK for the full-year 2010. This compares with growth of 4%...

August 27, 2009  6:30 AM

NPfIT – “real cost has been the things put on hold”

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NPfIT, politics, Project management

David Bowen, electronic patient record programme manager at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Trust, speaking at a roundtable organised by IT company Simpl, is reported by the Health Service Journal as...

August 25, 2009  3:55 PM

Fujitsu v Department of Health? [2]

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legal actions, NPfIT, politics, project failures, Project management

[Continued from yesterday

August 25, 2009  7:20 AM

Fujitsu v Connecting for Health?

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legal actions, NPfIT, politics, project failures, transparency and accountability

After lawyers for the Department of Health served a termination notice on Fujitsu on 28 May 2008, the two sides began what has become a protracted legal dispute.

Fujitsu is said to be seeking £700m from the Department of Health after its £1bn contract as the local service...

August 20, 2009  4:00 PM

FT article on the NHS IT scheme – what has gone wrong

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NPfIT, politics, project failures, Project management

From a good overview article on the NPfIT in today's Financial Times:

"So what went wrong? Too much ambition, too much speed, too much centralisation, too little local ownership and not...

August 20, 2009  10:30 AM

NPfIT problems exaggerated says iSoft CEO

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NPfIT, Outsourcing, politics, Project management

"We're light years ahead of where they were five years ago" said iSoft's Gary Cohen, speaking in Auckland, New Zealand.

He was referring to the NHS's IT scheme in the context of the "opportunity for New Zealand to have a national health record that is...

August 19, 2009  6:00 AM

Was EDS a good buy for HP?

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The Wall Street Journal asks in an article: how has EDS helped HP? The article, which is dated 18 August 2009, begins: 

"When Hewlett-Packard reports fiscal third-quarter earnings Tuesday, Wall Street is...

August 10, 2009  11:00 PM

Confidential HMRC “Quantum” papers on cost-cutting plan

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HMRC, Outsourcing, Project management

Confidential papers on Project Quantum, a plan to cut costs at HM Revenue Customs by at least £205m a year, have reached me.

The papers...

August 10, 2009  9:30 PM

Did HMRC scrap offshore idea after leak to media?

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HMRC, Outsourcing, politics, poor communications, Project management, transparency and accountability

Capgemini has confirmed in an internal message to its staff that the idea of outsourcing some of its work for HM Revenue and Customs has been "debated and explored" - and there are no plans to change the contractual position to allow this to happen.

It says that the

August 10, 2009  4:05 PM

Conservatives publish NHS IT policy pledges

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NPfIT, politics, project failures

The Conservatives have published their policy commitments on the NHS IT scheme, as a response to a review of the NPfIT, led by Glyn Hayes, former chairman of the BCS's Health...

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