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July, 2009

July 30, 2009  4:30 PM

Cerner’s latest results: UK and US highlights

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NPfIT, Project management

In a Cerner conference call after an announcement of the company's s second-quarter results, there was much discussion about "meaningful use" - a phrase which can unlock money from Congress for Obama's $20bn healthcare IT stimulus package.

Suppliers must meet "meaningful use"...

July 30, 2009  3:16 PM

Cerner hopes NHS IT revenues will rise to £61m a year

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Cerner's second quarter results

July 29, 2009  5:20 PM

We’re all in for a shock – Government CIO

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Project management, Technology

"We're all in for a shock, a big shock"  ... John Suffolk, Government CIO, writing a blog post earlier this month.

Ian Cuddy comments on Suffolk's new blog

July 29, 2009  4:30 PM

NPfIT e-prescriptions: an important new step?

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[Anyone reading this article should take note of an important anonymous comment at the end, which explains clearly...

July 29, 2009  2:10 PM

Homerton rejects FOI NPfIT request

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Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is important to the public image of the NPfIT. It's arguably as important to PR on the NHS IT scheme as Alastair Campbell was to Tony Blair's administration.

MPs on the

July 29, 2009  12:20 PM

NPfIT now known in the US – but for the right reasons?

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President Obama has personal reasons for wanting to cut the costs of US healthcare. He speaks of his mother who died of ovarian cancer at the age of 53.  While dying she spent weeks fighting insurance companies.

"If you've got a pre-existing condition, insurance companies will...

July 29, 2009  5:30 AM

CIOs: how to waste money and get fired

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project failures, Project management

From TechRepublic:

 - Waste energy (means electricity rather than walking up and down stairs too much)

- Spend too much on mobile technology

- Don't allow employees to work from home (saves money on...

July 29, 2009  5:15 AM

Does Cerner have a corporate responsibility to its mice?

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Not the most important story of the week, but as the silly season approaches ...a message to Cerner from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

[More positive news for Cerner - its share price is...

July 24, 2009  1:50 PM

First Facebook defamation case

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IT legal developments, legal actions, Project management

Tech Bytes, a newsletter from, reports on the first Facebook defamation case.

In the case the complainant obtained a court order requiring Facebook to disclose:
- the registration...

July 24, 2009  12:59 PM

OGC’s release of Gateway review details – a good start

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transparency and accountability

Now the Office of Government Commerce should publish up-to-date Gateway reviews says tech blogger. 

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