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May, 2009

May 29, 2009  1:20 PM

How to delete your summary care record

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NPfIT, privacy

Article on Computer Weekly's homepage  

Thank you to Dr Neil Bhatia who suggested the questions I put to NHS...

May 29, 2009  10:30 AM

High level round-table on public sector IT in 2020

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Data sharing, NPfIT

A  technology workshop, which is part of a "major inquiry" into how public services could and should look in 2020 took place in central London this week under the auspices of the RSA.


May 29, 2009  9:30 AM

What went wrong with £234m C-Nomis IT project

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Outsourcing, project failures, Project management

When civil servants defend the failure of an IT-related project they usually say that the problems are in the past and all is well now.

Last week Edward Leigh, chairman of the House of Commons' Public Accounts Committee, was ready for that answer.

May 28, 2009  4:00 PM

Why we reject large-scale outsourcing

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Outsourcing, Project management

Two senior IT users have spoken about the disadvantages of large-scale outsourcing of IT, in favour of keeping full control in-house.

One is David Tidey, chairman of the 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

May 26, 2009  6:00 AM

The DVD Jacqui Smith is proud of

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ID cards, privacy

The Home Office has commissioned a promotional film on ID Cards, which has been professionally produced, complete with its own music.

It cleverly depicts ID Cards as if they were a range of luxury perfumes or designer suits.


May 22, 2009  1:30 PM

10 things about ID Cards

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ID cards, privacy

These are 10 things about ID Cards from a little-reported Home Office document, "Identity Cards Act Secondary Legislation - An Impact Assessment", which was published this month and might not have been known generally.


May 21, 2009  3:25 PM

15 key websites

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transparency and accountability

These 15 Web sites are said to have the power to make or break company brands. The list was published last year but most of the names still seem...

May 21, 2009  12:20 PM

Famous law firm acts for ex-NHS IT head Richard Granger

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legal actions, NPfIT

A law firm which represents Naomi Campbell, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant is also acting for the former director general of NHS IT Richard Granger.

The firm, Schillings, says on its website that it is "one of Britain's top law firms dedicated to safeguarding the reputations of...

May 21, 2009  8:00 AM

Senior analyst “nearly killed” by e-records data model

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NPfIT, poor communications, Project management

[This is a longer version of an article on]

May 20, 2009  6:00 AM

When politics infects IT

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NPfIT, Project management, SAP

Too many government projects have become politicized says David Tidey, Assistant Chief Executive at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and chairman of the BCS Elite group of IT directors and senior mangers.

"We have got to get better...

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