Public Sector IT:

December, 2007

December 14, 2007  2:57 PM

Why was Police Portal scrapped?

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IT projects, NPIA, Project management

When any major IT project is cancelled it's rarely easy to establish exactly what has gone wrong and why. The customer often accuses the supplier of being late and delivering a system that's not fit for purpose. Those who work for the supplier sometimes wonder whether the customer has cancelled a...

December 14, 2007  1:42 PM

Scrapped Police Portal – one of its past successes

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Project management

Apart from the use of the system during the London bombings, one of the lesser-known successes of the Police Portal was the part it played in the arrest and conviction of a 43-year-old man over dozens of offences related to thefts from churches.

December 14, 2007  12:45 PM

Home Office agency scraps “world-first” online police system

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Change management, crisis management, IT projects, Project management

The National Policing Improvement Agency has scrapped a “world-first” secure, online crime reporting system which helped to reduce crime by linking the public and police forces across the UK. The multi-million pound project is now the subject of a legal dispute between the National Policing...

December 13, 2007  9:24 AM

More “facts” on HMRC’s missing CDs

tcollins1 Profile: tcollins1
crisis management, HMRC, IT security, mistakes, Project management

It has emerged that the extra security protection on the missing child benefit CDs might have been nothing more than Winzip release 8. Continued »

December 13, 2007  7:00 AM

Missing CDs – HMRC’s reply on whether it over-reacted

tcollins1 Profile: tcollins1
accountability, HMRC, mistakes

HM Revenue and Customs has replied promptly to my question on whether it had over-reacted to the missing child benefit CDs by stopping its staff from sending faxes to employers of changes to taxpayers' tax codes.

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