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May, 2007

May 31, 2007  9:31 AM

Gateway reviews on IT and other projects – FT says “culture of secrecy alive and well in Whitehall”

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FOI, ID cards, IT projects, openness, Project management, Transparency

The Financial Times says that the Office of Government Commerce is on "shaky ground" in appealing to the High Court to try and stop early gateway reviews on ID cards being published. Links: Financial Times leader

May 30, 2007  1:03 PM

Why is CSC objecting to the take-over of iSoft by IBA – and do NHS trusts care?

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iSoft, IT projects, NPfIT, Project management

Phil Codling, an analyst at Ovum comments, has some well-informed comments on the blocking by services supplier CSC of a proposed take-over of iSoft by Australian company IBA. Codling says:

May 30, 2007  12:33 PM

Subordinates have many reasons not to tell bosses the truth

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incompetence, IT projects, NPfIT, Project management

There's a good article in The Times online that, in part, compares the organisational structure of Tesco with the many layers of management in the public sector. The article suggests that the...

May 30, 2007  11:58 AM

Office of Government Commerce statement on gateway reviews – 30 May 2007

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accountability, ID cards, IT projects, Project management, Transparency

The Office of Government Commerce, which runs gateway reviews of risky IT-related projects and programmes, has issued a statement on its decision to appeal to the High Court in an effort to keep the results of reviews secret. The background to the High Court case is

May 29, 2007  6:51 PM

Please don’t force us to publish gateway reviews – appeal to the High Court

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accountability, IT projects, Project management, Transparency

Comment Senior civil servants and lawyers spent several hours in a secret meeting yesterday (29 May 2007) to decide whether to go to the High Court to try and stop the results of early "gateway reviews" on ID cards being published. They decided in the end to go to the High Court - in a move some...

May 29, 2007  3:43 PM

Former head of police IT on ID cards, police databases, and surveillance

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ID cards, IT security, Project management

Phillip Webb, a former head of the Police Information Technology Organisation - now subsumed into the National Policing Improvement Agency - says there needs to be more public debate over the increasing use - and potential misuse - of surveillance...

May 23, 2007  5:53 PM

The government prepares to write off Parliamentary report on the NHS’s IT programme

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accountability, incompetence, mistakes, NPfIT, Transparency

Comment All the signs are that the government is preparing to reject a report of the all-party Public Accounts Committee into the NHS's National Programme for IT [NPfIT]. There is a view in government that the committee's report is the result of lobbying by politically-motivated groups and...

May 23, 2007  3:55 PM

Joe Harley, CIO at DWP – suppliers will give us some home truths in July

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IT projects, Project management, Transparency

An anonymous comment has been posted to a blog suggesting that we made up the comments of Joe Harley, CIO at the Department for Work and Pensions. Joe Harley gave a speech to the "Turning the Tide Government UK IT Summit 2007" conference on 15...

May 22, 2007  7:25 PM

Useful or useless Board minutes – HM Revenue and Customs

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accountability, complacency, Project management

In the interests of encouraging openness, this blog will occasionally highlight candid or uninformative board minutes. Now we're highlighting the board minutes for January 2007 of HM Revenue...

May 22, 2007  7:24 PM

Government IT failures are rarely the fault of the technology professionals

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accountability, IT projects, Project management

The reporting of IT projects and particularly failures in the public sector can be misleading, by implying wrongly that it's the computer specialists to blame. Failures rarely in fact have anything to do with the IT professionals. A

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