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November, 2006

November 29, 2006  9:40 AM

Mysterious deaths, freedom of information, Marconi and the Ministry of Defence

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accountability, FOI

Under the Freedom of Information [FOI] Act publicly-funded organisations have 20 working days to answer or notify the applicant if they need more time to answer. Some organisations with well managed records answer more quickly than others but none has been quite as slow as the Ministry of Defence....

November 28, 2006  9:36 PM

Brave minister Lord Warner sees £12bn NPfIT NHS plan at first hand

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accountability, NPfIT

When the health minister Lord Warner wanted to see first-hand the success of the National Programme for IT [NPfIT] he ended up, with the help of officials, at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. It seemed a safe bet – or should have been.

November 28, 2006  6:55 PM

How the Health Committee took decision to hold NHS NPfIT inquiry

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accountability, NPfIT

We reveal today (Tuesday 28 November 2006) that the Health Committee has decided to hold an inquiry into key facets of the National Programme for IT [NPfIT]. Two MPs on the...

November 28, 2006  5:37 PM

Are briefings to ministers on the NPfIT optimistic?

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accountability, NPfIT, over-optimism, Project management

Coverage of the NHS’s National Programme for IT [NPfIT] in Computer Weekly was mentioned recently to Patricia Hewitt, the Secretary of State for Health. Hewitt dismissed our coverage as unhelpful. As a former research director at Andersen Consulting, later Accenture, Hewitt will want to take in...

November 28, 2006  3:19 PM

Churchill’s world speech on IT projects?

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accountability, over-optimism, Project management

With remarkable prescience, candour and realism Winston Churchill announced to the world in a BBC broadcast in the first month of the Second World War, 1 October 1939, that “Directions have been given by the government for a war lasting at least 3 years.” If Churchill’s speech had been...

November 24, 2006  11:04 AM

What doctors say about the NPfIT National Programme for IT

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Anyone new to the NHS’s £12.4bn National Programme for IT – NPfIT - can gain a quick understanding of some of the challenges involved by reading the comments made by doctors in a survey published this week by online market researcher...

November 23, 2006  10:03 AM

Learning lessons – the advantages of mistakes

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IT projects

Among other things this blog will look at the lessons learned, and not learned, from IT-related projects and programmes. Organisations that find themselves in the public eye because they have made mistakes are unlikely to welcome the publicity they get. But we’re more likely to learn from...

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