PowerShell for Windows Admins:


July 8, 2016  8:37 AM

PowerShell Direct example

Richard Siddaway Richard Siddaway Profile: Richard Siddaway
Hyper-V, Powershell, Virtualization, Windows Server 2016

Last week I mentioned PowerShell and how you can create a PowerShell Remoting session to a Virtual Machine that’s running on Hyper-V Here’s an example of it in use: $cred = Get-Credential W16TP5TGT01\Administrator $s = New-PSSession -VMName W16TP5TGT01 -Credential $cred Create the...

August 10, 2014  6:07 AM

Installing Centos in Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V

Richard Siddaway Richard Siddaway Profile: Richard Siddaway
Hyper-V 2012 R2, Virtualization

I need to create a virtual machine with CentOS 6.5 as the guest OS. I clicked through creating the VM and discovered that the install wouldn’t work. Eventually tracked down the issues. Keep the following points in mind as you create your VM:

  1. Create...

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