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Jun 30 2017   12:59PM GMT

Finding a CIM class

Richard Siddaway Richard Siddaway Profile: Richard Siddaway


One of the problems you might find is finding a CIM class. You know its name but you don’t know which namespace its in.

The old WMI cmdlets allow you to search the namespaces recursively

PS> Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Process -Namespace root -Recurse -List

 NameSpace: ROOT\CIMV2

Name Methods Properties
 ---- ------- ----------
 Win32_Process {Create, Terminat... {Caption, CommandLine, CreationClassName, CreationDate...}

But the CIM cmdlets don’t have this functionality. I’ve been meaning to do something about this for ages but finally got motivated by something I read while proof reading PowerShell in Action – yes its getting closer, much closer.

What I ended up with is these 2 functions

function get-namespace {
param ([string]$namespace = 'root') 
 Get-CimInstance -Namespace $namespace -ClassName '__NAMESPACE' |
 foreach {
 "$namespace\" + $_.Name
 get-namespace $("$namespace\" + $_.Name)

function find-cimclass {
param (
 [string]$namespace = 'root',

$class = $null

## test namespace for class
 $class = Get-CimClass -Namespace $namespace -ClassName $classname -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

if (-not $class) {
 $namespaces = get-namespace -namespace $namespace
 foreach ($name in $namespaces){
 $class = $null
 $class = Get-CimClass -Namespace $name -ClassName $classname -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
 if ($class){break}


Find-Cimclass takes a namespace and class name as parameters. It tries to find the class in the given namespace. If it can’t find it then get-namespace is called to generate a list of namespaces to search. The function iterates over the collection of namespaces testing each one for the class. When it finds the class it returns the class information.

Get-namespace searches for all instances of the __Namespace class in the given namespace. it then recursively call itself to test each of those namespaces. That way you get the whole tree.

If you’re searching for a given class I recommend that you start at the root class to ensure that you test everywhere.

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